Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Type of EBW I want to be

I've decided to review the type of woman I want to become so that I can check my progress and what I still need to work on. These are things that I want to achieve but of course I'm not expecting to be perfect. If I achieve these things then I will be the best woman I can be and my idea of an EBW. This is an ideal and not necessarily the ideal woman to anyone reading this blog. Anything with a star is something I haven't made enough progress with.


  • long, healthy, natural hair (my hair is bra-strap BSL length!)
  • clear, toasty-brown skin all over* (I need to exfoliate more and always apply lotion or oil)
  • healthy body weight and toned body* (want to lose a few pounds but I still look good)
  • make-up that accentuates my features
  • feminine fashion style (need to start wearing heels more often)
  • good posture and feminine movement 
  • smiling often (greatly improved)
Attitude and Behaviour
  • Staying poised when under pressure
  • Maintaining a positive mood and attitude (not too bad, greatly improved)
  • Behaving like an EBW in public and private (improved)
  • Not engaging in useless arguments online and offline (I have really improved!)
  • Being a good friend  and daughter (need to make more friends too, improved as a daughter)
  • Being a fun, joyful, nice, pleasant person (greatly improved)
  • Toning down the sexiness (not bad)
  • Being interesting to talk to (not bad)
  • Helping others * (I help my friends with advice but I haven't been volunteering)
Hobbies and Interests
  • healthy cooking * (need some good recipes)
  • physical fitness and working out
  • physical activities (e.g., pool, tennis, volley ball, golf)* 
  • reading (need to do more pleasure reading instead of school related reading)
  • self-improvement
  • dinner parties *
  • sewing and knitting *
  • sketching and painting * (know how to but need to actually spend time doing)
  • blogging (of course)
  • dance lessons *
  • learn massage * (another trick for my feminine arsenal)
  • travel *
  • socializing regularly* (the winter really killed my social life)
Romantic Relationships
  • Starting a monogamous relationship * (I'm single)
  • Getting married * (not even close)
  • Having a baby *(again, not even close)
  • Graduate (almost there)
  • Get a job in my field * (I have to start looking)
  • Do the best job I can *
As you can see from this list, I have made a lot of progress on my journey to becoming an EBW! Most of the progress has involved changing the way I look, my attitude, and my behaviour. I am acting and looking very different from the way I was a few years ago. 

I am not worried about the improvements I need to make in my career because these goals will be achieved in the near future. I'm not even worried about them anymore. As you can see, my career goals do not include becoming the best, starting a company, or anything time-consuming like that. I'll be satisfied with the job, a husband, and kids. 

The areas where I need the most improvement are in my interests and romantic relationships. It may be possible that my interests and romantic relationships could actually intersect. I could take up some sports and meet someone in the process. I could go to dinner parties or out dancing and meet someone. I could also take in community events and meet someone. I just have to get out more and socialize and these things will be taken care of. The winter has really put a hold on some of these things, so I can't wait until the weather gets better. Some of the hobbies also require time and money and it was hard to find time and money while I was busy with school. So right now my priorities are doing what is necessary to graduate, finding a job, and going out and socializing. I'll wait until I earn some money before taking on some of the hobbies :)


  1. what a great list...think i'm going to take some of this
    thank you for this blog woah i love it and what you're trying to achieve as a NEW elegant black woman its so important these days for people to see not all black women are rude finger snapping loud mouthed weave wearing brash booty shaking females
    there are different sides to all races people need to stop percieving us as angry and negative all the time!! so when i see blogs etc and things like this it make me smile

  2. Thank you too Anonymous :) It makes me really happy that other women understand what I'm trying to do with this blog and are not criticizing me for my goals and opinions.