Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Do Not Support Misogynist Men!!!

Well, I have just been scared and shaken to the core! I was watching YouTube videos about women who don't agree with feminism. Then I came across some videos about the men's rights movement and one called The Effects of Emasculation Part 1 and Part II. These men are TERRIFYING! Don't be fooled into thinking that these are just nice traditional guys who feel victimized by feminism. These are not men looking for equal rights. No, these are the same types of men who do those hate videos about Black women that I wrote about in my post Black Women Bashers are Pathetic Excuses for Men! They use the same vocabulary and call any man who believes in chivalry, protecting women, or respecting woman a "mangina" so be wary of any man who uses that term. They post positive comments on the videos of any woman who criticizes feminism or women but they have the utmost contempt for all women.

Not only are the videos totally disrespectful of women by using derogatory terms to describe them but this video actually blames women for rape! It showed ads against rape as though they made men the victims instead of clearly seeing them as public service announcements about rape being wrong. Not only that, they showed women protesting rape and then women with low cut tops as though they were asking for it! No one should ever hit anyone because it's assault. But let's be honest, a large man can do way more damage to a woman with a punch than she can (a kid can punch me but it won't hurt me as much as I could hurt him/her). So in instances where a woman hit a man and he started hitting her back, other men jumped in, broke them up, and started hitting the man. Some men said after that it was "wrong to hit a woman" and the maker of the video called these men manginas. What this means is that any woman who hits a man now should not expect that he won't hit her back severely and uncontrollably. Some men might not even step in to stop it but I don't think it has gotten that bad yet. In my opinion, I think these men would hit a woman just because they are angry and they probably wouldn't need to be hit first. This is the attitude that some men have now that if we are equal then they can hit us just as they would a man. It's too bad they can't just see hitting a man or woman a wrong instead of espousing equal opportunity violence.

If you really want to be scared just read the comments! In the comments men openly wrote about wanting to "punch women in the teeth", beat them, and sodomize them out of anger! Comment after comment from different men were advocating for these things. They talk about how they want to take things back and get revenge on women! No, these are not men looking for equality, they want full patriarchy and power over women and endorse every sexist thing you can imagine. I don't even think the posters of the videos are Black men so this could include men of various races. This is my worst nightmare about the feminist movement that I wrote about in my post The Benefits and Drawbacks of Feminism. Of course men commented that they would never pay for dates but some of them were actually advocating for just using women for sex as some sort of lifestyle choice. What scares me is a woman would have no idea who these men are or if they are dating one. How prevalent is this thinking? So far the men I have dated in Canada haven't been like this and I hope none of you end up in a relationship with one of these guys! The crazy thing is that Black trolls from this group always harass Black women who post YouTube videos and some of them have asked for support of their men's rights movement! You can read all about their tricks and how to identify them HERE. I won't call myself a feminist but I definitely do not support this!!!

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  1. I think that it is also very unladylike to hit a man. No matter how weak you are, you should never ever hit a man because that is also assault. I know you don't hit other women because you know they will hurt you. Why would you try and take advantage of a man like that?