About This Blog

I am an educated, well-mannered, Black Canadian woman. I created this blog because I think most Black women are beautiful, feminine, intelligent, sweet, lovable, and amazing. They should be placed on a pedestal and cherished like the rare, elegant black roses they are. Of course we do not all live up to this standard and many of us need some work!

I think that it's time that all Black women strive to be Elegant Black Women (EBWs), change our image, and the way the world perceives us. We can all learn to carry ourselves like queens.

This blog is about self-improvement not bashing Black women's behaviour. It's about improving ourselves so that we become better women. It's about becoming the highest-quality women, despite our upbringing or lineage, and attracting good, successful men of any race.


  1. Hello Elegance, do you have an email address at which to contact you at?

  2. Since you have a Twitter account you should check out Kim Love (Kimmaytube). She often discusses issues that affect black women and other topics such as politics, tech, education, etc.