Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Western Fashions I Really Dislike

I mentioned in an earlier post that I am no longer impressed with Western fashion and I prefer Asian fashion. I'm just basing this off what I see people wearing around me and on television, or the most popular Asian styles I see online. Below I will show popular Western fashions that I think prevent us from looking our most feminine best. I admit I have some items from the styles below but I want to get rid of them. A woman still look cute and feminine in some of these things if she chooses a feminine colour, body fitting size, or something that is atypically feminine (e.g., a pink hoodie with hearts on it). Some of these items can still work if they are paired with other very feminine items.

  1. The overly casual look: I rarely wear jeans anymore because they just make you look so casual. I don't like baggy or boy-cut styles, and low-rise jeans need to be retired. This look includes wearing sweats, pajama bottoms, leggings, slippers, and just sloppy outfits that you probably should not be wearing in public. People with this style look like they just threw something on and this includes any looks that are a mismatch of patterns. Oh yes, I would place that ugly grunge look in this category. 
  2. The hipster look: This look includes some retro styles, ironic t-shirts, over-sized glasses, scarves with everything, some androgynous items, and a weird mismatch of items.
  3. The androgynous look: This includes wearing any clothing that a man would wear (in his size). It includes boy shorts, boy-cut jeans, dress pants in men's cuts, ties, pant suits, fedoras, men's style shoes, over-sized clothes, military looks etc.
  4. The sporty look: Some women who wear this look play sports or just like the look. Some may identify as tomboys. It includes sweats and track suits, clothing with visible logos, hoodies, sneakers, ball caps, polo shirts, and sports jerseys.
  5. The skater, snowboarder, surfer look: This is a variation on the sporty look that includes those awful skateboarding shoes, baggy pants, hoodies, boy-cut shorts, ball caps, and flip-flops.
  6. The punk look: This look is meant to make women look tough, depressed, or scary. Most of the clothing is black and includes combat boots, spikes, skulls and chains. Oh and the piercings, makeup, and hair colours are horrendous.
  7. The weird high-fashion look: I would describe this as the strange Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaj, and sometimes Rihanna look. Most people don't wear this look but it's the type of thing you see in Vogue. These fashions make you look nothing like the girl next-door. The look is meant to gain attention with really weird, uncomfortable looking fashions that make you look totally unapproachable. It includes all of those expensive designer dresses that just aren't as cute or pretty as they could be.
  8. The sloppy hippy look: This includes loose, 70s style clothes and patterns, ill-fitting clothes that actually looks second-hand, and that boho-chic look. Just not cute!
  9. The hip hop look: This is similar to the sporty look and included anything considered "ghetto fabulous". I don't want to look like I listen to hip hop at all.

These are the styles I see a lot of people wearing in Canada and on television. I don't like the styles and they bore me. Almost all of these styles incorporate some sort of "edge". I can't stand edge and it is so masculine! Something edgy would be a woman in a pretty dress and combat boots, or a cute pink sweater with skulls, or punk girls in tutus. It just ruins the femininity and cuteness. It conveys hostility, unhappiness, boredom, and a negative attitude. Being edgy is not the look I'm going for.


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  2. Well, I think you now need to do a post on fashions that you DO like.

    I see what you're saying, so I'm looking forward to your alternatives.
    Most black women try to wear what is trendy, to appear, well, trendy.

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    Oh I do have some posts about fashions I like. Just search for fashion or clothing in the search bar (on the right) and several posts will come up :)

  4. I really love your blogs, but I will admit that I don't agree with everything you post. This in particular I really couldn't get with. I personally love fashion, and I know for a fact that a lot of the things you don't like on here for not being feminine could look extremely feminine if done right. I think you should study fashion more and check out feminine fashion bloggers who wear jeans, outrageous styles, etc. and make it work (I.e., Wendyslookbook, Christelle Lim, chicmuse, etc.)

    Also, haute couture designs, or things seen on the runway, are NOT meant to be worn by anyone. Most of those things took months to make and are outrageously expensive (even for celebrities). They are meant to be dramatic and artistic representations of a designers vision for that season. They are meant to be sources of inspiration, not taken literally.

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    Well, this post is all about my personal preferences. I don't like these fashions and to me they can never be done right. I'm not the fashion police though and people will wear what they want to wear so no point arguing about personal preferences.

    I'll skip the fashion lesson because I read the blogs of women who's style I already like. I don't feel the need to change my fashion choices because I have already have a preferred style.