Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feminine Dances I Want to Learn

In the near future I want to learn samba and belly dance! My post about Lessons We Can Learn From Brazilian Women made me really want to learn the samba! I found videos online where women are doing the samba with partners and they are wearing dresses (not thongs) so I think that clearly, it is not the same booty-shaking dancing we are embarrassed about in clubs. I already have belly dance exercise tapes so I'll bring those out. I would like to take classes for both though. I also want to learn some feminine and tasteful moves for the dance club. Maybe I need to learn how to dance to actual "dance music" instead of hip hop too. I think that dance is a good feminine interest (of course men dance too but women take way more dance classes than men) and it will help me to move in a more feminine manner. Plus, dancing is great exercise.

The women who do this dance look so fit! Their bodies look like rubber! Definitely feminine...the guys have way too much flare for me though :)



  1. I've been an avid Latin dancer (e.g. salsa, bachata, merengue) for 12 years. I took lessons at various dance studios in my city. Best of all, most of my friendships were formed via that network. You can go to the class by yourself because the instructor will pair people up as you rotate to dance with other inviduals taking the lesson.

    In addition, I recently started taking belly dance lessons. I took a veil class two months ago and it was so confidence affirming, graceful, and feminine. I highly encourage taking lessons in whatever dance style that "calls" to your spirit (e.g., samba, tango ballroom, etc.). It's a wonderful form of social connection.

    Lady Arabella Victoria

  2. Hello my Lady :)

    I think learning a dance would be really great. I have never had dance lessons before because I thought it was just "girl stuff" in the past and didn't see any value in it. Maybe if I had taken dance I would be more flexible now. I didn't think about the social aspects of taking a dance class. That would be a great bonus because I want to meet new people :)

  3. Miss Elegance:

    Dance will definitely help you accomplish your goals (e.g., increased flexibility and meeting new people). Also, take lessons from different instructors because each one has his/her own style. I particularly like taking ladies styling classes because the focus is incorporating feminine-specific moves into the dance routine. However, you should take ladies styling classes AFTER you become proficient in the basics of a particular dance. Female salsa instructors are are always offering ladies styling classes. For example, below is a link for one of my favorite Atlanta dance instructors, Jen Piceno. She taught me how to dance, how to walk, and how to have the attitude of a STAR!

    Also, for example, Edie the Salsa Freak travels the world to offer salsa classes and she's provides lessons on female salsa styling.

    Best of all, female styling moves transfer to different types of dance. For example, below is a link for a salsa-belly dance fusion performance.

    Have fun!

    Lady Arabella Victoria

  4. Thank you for your links My Lady :) You seem to have a lot of dance experience. It would be amazing to be able to really do one of those dances and actually look good! The styling classes sound fantastic. Dancers do move so gracefully and you can sometimes tell what celebrities have taken dance because of their posture and the way they move (e.g., Zoe Saldana and Thandie Newton my favorite EBWs).

  5. Have you gone to a samba class already? I do hope so! Samba is like no other dance. And I agree with you that dancing is a great way to exercise. Adding to that, dancing does contribute greatly to having good posture and body alignment, which can be good for women. But the best benefit for me is that dancing is like extensive training for your cardiovascular system. Dancing is like going to the gym without the hassle and stress, but still having fun.

  6. Hi Henry Gay :)

    No I haven't gone to the samba class yet. I guess it's on my bucket list so I'll do it before I die lol! I want to try some things at home first so I get used to doing different dances before I spend the big money on classes. But who knows maybe I'll hear about a good teacher or class and do it sooner.