Saturday, February 18, 2012

We Can Look Just as Desirable as Anyone Else

I want you to visit the Google Images page Asian women before and after and really look at how different the women look with a little make-up. I tried searching for similar pages for White and Black women but they were not the same (a lot of surgery or weight-loss before and afters, very few photos) or I would post links to them too. I'm trying to prove a point not pick on Asian women! I think that the Asian women before and after photos are popular for some reason on YouTube and MANY different websites. Many of the photos are posted on Asian Town so I guess Asian men don't think their women are perfect unlike some Western men. The point of this post is to show you that these women are not automatically better looking than you! I've read comments from men online saying Asian and White women look better than Black women but I don't believe that's true. I think almost all of them are by disgruntled black men (I'll admit they do post some videos saying black women are beautiful too). There are good looking and unattractive women in every ethnicity. Ever heard the saying "there are no ugly women, only lazy ones"?

You may have heard that men prefer the natural look on women so some of you may choose to go without makeup. But these same men also want women who are beautiful! It is an unfair standard to set for us because most women don't wake up looking fabulous. I think a happy medium would be wearing some makeup that isn't too heavy, doesn't rub off on everything, and looks very natural. You will notice in the photos that the makeup looks very natural (the ones in Google Images). That's why the before photos are so shocking! They are not wearing wild, rainbow colours on their faces or in their hair. These women don't look like they are wearing much more than eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick or gloss but most men won't think they are wearing anything (except for the contacts). They don't even look like they are wearing eye shadow.

This is how I see the current situation (you might disagree with my logic of course). Some men rate the average Asian or White woman as more attractive than the average Black woman. This is because ordinary looking Asian and White women wear makeup that makes them look beautiful but natural. They are cheating! They attract more men and have long-term relationships with them. By the time the men realize the women don't naturally look so great they are already in love and don't care. Now if you are a Black woman and you are not wearing natural looking makeup to attract men, unless you are one of those lucky women who looks amazing straight out of bed, these women will always look more attractive than you! So, if you want to compete you will just have to cheat too and learn how to apply natural looking makeup.

Okay, I hear some of you saying you don't want to cheat, this is dishonest, men should like you just the way you are, you don't like makeup etc. Well, the choice is yours. Are you willing to risk being passed over for these other women because men are tricked into thinking they are more attractive than you (when in reality they are not)? Successful men are very desirable so they can seek out more physically attractive women. What if not looking your best means that the most successful men won't pick you? We have to face the reality that men are attracted to beautiful women so if you want to attract a man you need to look as beautiful (but natural) as you can. We are in competition for the best quality men! After you get his attention you keep him interested because of your pleasant character and personal qualities. A pretty face with no brains, manners, interests, or good character is not enough. The pretty face is just a pleasant invitation for him to get to know you better and the prettiest invitation usually wins :)

These are some things that stood out for me in the photos:

  • These women are wearing very natural looking makeup without any bright or unnatural colours. They aren't wearing rainbow coloured eyeshadow. Enhance your natural beauty.
  • Hair is so important! It seems like bangs are the cure for a large forehead or oddly shaped face lol. Bangs also add to the cuteness factor. Unfortunately, bangs rarely look good with natural hair unless it's pinned flat to one side (I might give that a try).
  • Did you notice that a lot of the women were wearing wigs? Black women aren't the only one's who do it and the wigs looked more shiny and voluminous than their natural hair. Some of the hair was coloured but they were not unnatural rainbow colours. 
  • Make the time to take care of your hair and style it to look the best it can. The women in the photos probably had to do things to make their natural hair look good (e.g., flat ironing, shine serums etc.). Their hair tended to be long too. Do what you can to grow out your natural hair and make it look as beautiful as you can. Many men like our natural hair so don't think you have to go straight in order to be pretty.
  • The women were dressed in a feminine manner, even in the before photos! Nice clothes will complete your look.
  • Take photos of yourself looking cute and sweet never hard. Practice posing in flattering ways. There are articles online about how to do this. 
You probably noticed that 99% of the women were thin. So even if we all look better with makeup some men will still say we are less attractive because we are overweight. Well I've discussed that before and while we work on that we can try to look as good as we can anyway. Some men might also rate us lower if they hate natural hair or wigs and weaves. As a natural, I think it's worth it because you just get a different type of guy and I think they are usually of better quality anyway. As for the weaves and wigs...well I advocate going natural as usual. But if you do wear weaves and wigs try to look as natural (straight or textured) as possible meaning a natural colour, texture, and hairline. As long as it looks real and attractive some men won't care.


  1. Great article. I have never worn make up! I remember once I was out with an Asian girlfriend and this white guy came up to me and said that I didn't need make-up. I was floored. Lol!


  2. Enjoyed the article. I've been wearing makeup since I was a teenager. I don't feel it's cheating. Just enhancing and bringing attention to my best facial features (eyes, cheekbones and lips). I wear less makeup now than I did when I was younger. But applying some makeup is a part of my everyday routine. My husband (a white guy) seems to love it!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  3. Oh I wish I could get away with absolutely not makeup! I'm going to tone it down a bit though. I don't wear liquid or cream foundation though, not for many years. When I first started wearing makeup as a teen I wore WAY too much makeup. I wore foundation that was too light so I had that gray or light face look (I couldn't find a match at the time).

    Cheating or enhancing...different people will say different things. I read online about some men complaining that women wearing makeup is false advertising. Sometimes if you look like a totally different person it can be. But if you still look like yourself then it is just an enhancement. Guys can be too picky sometimes especially considering they false advertise about their qualities too.

    Hi Working Homekeeper :)

    I visited your blog recently and wow! One day I want to learn to do all the things you do! I love thrift shopping and you have found some amazing dresses! Thanks for visiting!

  4. love this blog the title grabbed me right away.
    with regards to makeup no sorry i dont see it as 'cheating' i think each to their own however minimum is the key for everyday look
    I loved the argument you gave regarding how there are unattractive people in EVERY race. To be honest i think men exaggerate things at times they wouldnt know the natural look if it slapped them in the face..when they say natural i dont think they mean NO MAKEUP i think they mean natural makeup cos a lot of the times when they see or say attractive its 'natural makeup' which ironically takes so much makeup and time to recreate i.e nude lipstick matching foundation natural falsies etc I know i'm generalizing a lot but you get what i mean...i hope

  5. Thank you so much for your visit Anonymous. Yes, the neutral look in magazines for sure takes a lot of makeup. I'm going to try mine with as little as possible. Maybe I'll actually look better with less and be less afraid to show my true self :)

  6. Hello, it's me again!!! :)

    I just want to give my two cents, if you don't mind. :)

    I think that it's not just natural makeup that men may find attractive. I think it's natural makeup that emphasize a woman's femininity. Whenever I hear white men say that they think Asian women are most attractive, they always mention their femininity as one of the top factors.

    I think that instead of just applying natural hair and makeup, we should apply natural hair and makeup that emphasizes our femininity (and our health, as men are biologically wired to go for the healthiest looking woman). Think: soft and healthy-looking hair, rosy or peachy cheeks, pink or peach lips, fluttery (but not akin to spider legs!) lashes, and clear skin. :)

  7. I noticed that the pictures are retouched. How do you feel Black women retouching their social network photos like the Asian females in the Before and After photo do?

  8. This first article is about how women that wear makeup are perceived.

    The second article is about how black women can enhance their features using makeup.