Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clothing Men Prefer on Women

This post is about clothing that men love to see women wear. In a future post I will write about clothing I love to see men wearing because I have preferences and it's not just about women being appealing to men. I have no problem looking fantastic for my fantastic looking man! Of course you can wear what you want and take the chance that you will meet someone who loves your androgynous style or you may be lucky enough to see someone on a regular basis (e.g., school, work, social group etc.) so that they fall in love with your personality first. For myself, I don't want to take chances and I don't have the same luck so I'm going to put out the bait to attract men and look feminine and respectable while doing so.

I think one has to be cautious about accepting the advice of women who are opposed to other women trying to look good for men. Sometimes I know they just don't want women to get hurt with extreme diets or plastic surgery, feeling shame/sadness if they don't come close to meeting beauty ideals, wearing things that don't make them feel comfortable, or a fear that men will only like them for their looks. But some of these women may have personal issues that are different from yours, they may be very angry with some men in their lives when you haven't had the same experiences, or they may have very different life goals (e.g., not heterosexual, believe in having lots of casual sex, believe in open marriages/relationships, doesn't believe in marriage, want to raise kids alone).

It's even worse when some women advocate not to do certain things when they are the poster women for those very things (e.g., thin women telling overweight women not to lose weight, beautiful women telling less attractive women to not wear makeup, women in relationships telling single women not to do anything to attract a man, women who's parents were married saying marriage doesn't matter, women without children saying women can raise children on their own etc.). It's hard to know what's going on behind the advice especially if a person is really adamant about their views. So to be fair you should really listen to a lot of different opinions and then choose the opinions, actions, or goals that make the most sense and feel the most comfortable to you. This will take time, learning, and introspection. For me, I look to women who are in relationships/married for relationship advice or experts (e.g., relationship counselors, match makers), or even men since I want to live with one of them not another woman. Why is it more enlightened to cave to the fashion industry or trends by buying new clothes every season? I'd rather buy some classic, durable, feminine clothes that I can wear for years that also attract men.

So below are links to information from men and women about what clothing and looks men prefer on women. You can ignore all of this information if you wish :)

  • 5 outfits guys secretly hope you will wear video (I ignored the parts about pants since I never wear them. I'm all for the sexy librarian look. I like simple dresses too)
  • What men want women to wear
  • Here is a link to some interesting commentary on a dating forum where a woman asked "why do men like women to wear dresses/skirts?" I like reading forums sometimes because they show you what a group of people, from who knows where, think about a subject and in this case it is one where men and women are seeking relationships. This is useful if you don't have the time or know enough people to ask their opinions. Notice how negative some of the women are about the topic (e.g., calling men pigs for finding women's legs attractive) and how many have gotten used to just wearing jeans and not doing much about their appearance. I like this quote, "The only good thing about pants on a woman, is seeing the shape of her butt. Otherwise, they look clunky and industrial. Now a dress... accents her curves....and flows when she moves. Poetry in motion."
  • It's almost like a flirty thing. When you wear a dress sometimes men start to fantasize about you in a way they don't with women in pants. Some women may be uncomfortable with the idea of this fantasizing but I like it, and I think it's powerful to be able to attract someone's attention so easily. I just ignore the men who don't interest me and revel in the attention of the one's I like. It's interesting the way some commenters actually said the question was "silly" and that the poster should obviously know that men prefer women in dresses/skirts because they make women look more feminine, accentuate their curves, and make men fantasize, but really I think some women don't know this! Or they know this but they don't care because they are more comfortable in pants or baggy clothes for whatever reason.
  • Interesting website called The Rules Revisited by a man telling women what men want. There was an interesting post called Feminine beauty is highly controllable. The article is basically saying there is a lot your can do to improve your looks if you are willing to put in the effort. 
  • Just because...How to dress like the ladies of Mad Men
  • Clothes guys don't want women to wear (agree)
  • Things women wear that men hate
  • Things men hate that women wear
  • Top 10 styles women love to wear but men hate to see


  1. Hi,

    I've been a reader for the last couple of months and think that you have a very good blog. SO far, I learned a lot and started to implement some of your suggests.
    However, in one of your posts, you mention that you do not consider Beyonce to be a EBW. Can you be more specific? Is it because the clothes she wears on her concerts?

  2. Hi Anonymous, there are just some things about her that aren't like the other women on the EBW list.

    It's just my personal taste but 1) her speaking voice and the way she talks is sort of rough in my opinion. 2) She is married to a vile rapper who makes crude and misogynist lyrics, glorifies the thug life, and is a former drug dealer. 3) She seems to be one of those women who are only into expensive designer things that they use to prove they are classy like Nene Leakes. 4) Many of her outfits are just too hard in my opinion, too edgy or something.

    This is just my personal taste so I don't look to her as role model. She's just sort of rough to me. The characters she has played in movies were full of attitude too so that didn't help (e.g., Goldmember and Obsesed).

    Other people can if they want.Funny but I don't see Solange in the same way.

  3. I would like to agree to what you said that sometimes, men can give advice which are better sometimes from what other girls would say. I have a male friend and I always follow his comments or advice regarding on what dress should I wear in a certain occasion.

  4. It's great to know these things that guys wish women to wear. I wonder how it would feel when you see men's faces as they see you on those outfits.