Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Time for some New Blogs!

Well it's time to start reading some new blogs to see what I've been missing! I've become tired of the same old thing. I'm saying goodbye to some (notably Clutch and Madame Noire that I stopped reading because they break up their posts in the most annoying way and post automatically playing videos) and I'm going to start reading some that are entertaining, positive, intelligent, and helpful to my life. I actually stopped watching TMZ so my knowledge of celebrity happenings is nil and I don't really miss it. I already really like some of the sites but others I'm going to give a chance and discard them if they don't pan out. So I'll be changing some of my links in the side bar too. Activism or outrage sites definitely won't be on my reading list.

  • I've found two new feminine Black women sites called The Feminine Black Woman and Black and Feminine and I'm so happy to see them! 
  • I'm going to give Hello Beautiful a chance but I don't like that there is so much talk about rappers and the Kardashians so I doubt this one will last. I just need a general Black woman's fashion/entertainment/relationship blog that is written intelligently. I'll skip Black Voices on Huffington Post because it looks like too much controversy and racism talk but I'll start reading Huffington Post.ca to keep up to date with Canadian issues. This would give me plenty of things to talk about with people and it's about things that could actually affect me. I'm really liking Hooking up Smart for talk about relationships with a pro-woman, non-radical feminist viewpoint. 
  • I already really enjoy the Positivity BlogZen HabitsPick The Brain.com, and Life Hack because they have great advice and reminders about how to improve one's life. These sites are useful reading rather than just reading for entertainment. 
  • I'm going to read Black Girl with Long Hair more often just to see the beautiful hair photos and I'll visit Curly Nikki more too. Maybe I'll come up with a natural hair role model for myself :). 
  • I'm going to visit Spark People.com more often because fitness and getting in tip top shape has to be a priority. 
  • Boy are there a lot of vintage fashion blogs! Well I'm going to visit Mrs. O more often since she is my #1 fashion role model. I'm going to give Adored Vintage and Couture Allure Vintage Fashion Blog a shot, and I'll put Denise Brain, and Real Vintage on the waiting list. 
  • I'm going to start visiting 43Things again to keep track of my life goals and motivate myself. 
  • I also really like doing the puzzles on Puzzler's Paradise and sometimes, if I screw one up I could waste an hour on one!
  • I really have to step away from the computer and finish reading Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus and other things rather than the internet. I have to get motivated to read books again, I don't know why I'd rather read stuff online. Sometimes reading a book just seems like school and no fun. 


  1. other good black women oriented blogs:




  2. I'm still trying to figure out how to put a link to your blog on my page grrr. But I can relate though, I've read so many black women oriented blogs that left be feeling utterly depressed. They do nothing to help my self esteem as a black woman so I've avoided reading them. I know it can be tough being a black woman but too many black female bloggers focus so much on the negatives, surely one would think that there must be some positives to being a black woman right? But thanks for the vintage links, I'm looking for an online store to shop from but so far I haven't found any that I actually like, if you know of any please send the links my way.

  3. Thanks Socialite dreams. I've seen a couple of those blogs before but the first two are too harsh for me.

    Hi Maria, it takes a while to get used to blog sites if you've never done it before. You will have to go to the top of your blog where it says "Design", then choose "Layout" from the left side of the page. Then you can click "add a gadget" and look at the options. One should be to add links.

    I think that Mod Cloth sells a lot of vintage clothing. I haven't purchased from there but I like the clothes. I usually just go to thrift stores and I'm planning to go to some vintage shops but they can be expensive.

  4. I love the fact all my favorite blogs/websites are crossing over!
    I read Hooking up Smart, Black&Femme, Femmegirl all the time!