Sunday, February 13, 2011

How Will I learn to Be an Elegant Black Woman?

I started my research into becoming an Elegant Black Woman (EBW) last night. I found a bunch of articles and websites that provided hours of reading. I'll post them below and later on move them to the sidebars for future reference. I learned a lot in a short period of time and of course some of it is review and I haven't finished everything, but I will. I'll be looking for more articles and blogs related to this topic. There are even YouTube videos that I'll make a post about.

I found it really interesting that I don't recall reading the word "submission" anywhere in these articles. They talked about being demure, not saying everything that comes to your mind, letting the man lead sometimes (e.g., letting him drive), letting men feel needed, complimenting him on being masculine, and listening to people, but no where did it talk about letting men rule your life. In fact, one article actually said the modern lady is INDEPENDENT and she does not let her man, parents, or in-laws rule her life. She is in control! I think the men who are demanding submission are just controlling and want to rule their women. Don't listen to them unless you want to be a doormat to a sexist person who does not think you are capable of making any good decisions.

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  1. You are truly a blessing darling. I am a black woman and since last year, I was struck with depression about how far I have come in my life and I was tired of looking too 'masculine, aggressive and radical' (my mum called me aggressive too much) and I told myself it is finally time for a change. I am so glad I found you and this blog and even though I am very much embarrassed to admit, I spend so many hours on your blog, learning and refining myself because I believe being feminine is very important in my life. Thank you once more and I wish you the absolute best in whatever you decide to embark on!
    Much love