Saturday, February 19, 2011

Where I Need to Improve

I have been reading the five blogs I posted about here and a few of them, like The Art of Being Feminine reminded me that I need to start this journey by taking inventory of my current ladylike qualities and areas where I need improvement. So let's start with the positive.

My Positive Qualities
  • I routinely say please, thank-you, and you're welcome. I graciously thank people who have helped me or complimented me
  • I have fairly good (average) manners
  • I am not loud when speaking or laughing and I do not yell
  • I never chew with my mouth open. If I have to answer a question with my mouth full I try to finish chewing and then hold my hand over my mouth when I speak. (I think I can avoid this by just taking smaller bites and eating more slowly)
  • I never burp in public
  • I keep up my appearance
  • I exercise regularly, eat healthy, and have a healthy body weight
  • I rarely swear (and I don't think I will have a problem stopping completely)
  • I have discussions but I don't argue
  • I dress nicely and like to wear dresses and feminine clothing (but it's hard to do in the winter)
  • I wear make-up and jewlery
  • I have good posture, sit nicely, and walk upright
  • I have natural hair that I have learned to take care of and style nicely
  • I am educated
  • I speak well using proper grammar (from now on I will severely limit my use of slang)
  • I am a great listener 
  • I don't brag or boast
  • I do not bully or insult people (I may have a few times to unpleasant people on YouTube though)
  • I do not hope bad things happen to other people
  • I care about others and want to help people
  • I am not aggressive and would never even think of hitting someone
  • I have goals and a plan for my life
  • I am not a golddigger
My Negative Qualities 
  • I don't smile enough and find it hard to hide my anger or sadness
  • I complain (e.g., about the weather, not having money, being busy etc.)
  • I disclose too much personal information (this has caused embarrassment recently)
  • Sometimes I say bad things about my parents
  • I don't socialize as much as I could out of fear of being a burden or being rejected
  • I need more hobbies (hard to do on a budget though)
  • I think negatively a lot more than is necessary. I let things bother me when I really don't have to and pay too much attention to negative things (e.g., YouTube videos)
  • I don't think positively about some people
  • Sometimes I interrupt someone I'm talking too because I really want to say something  
  • I stopped wearing high heels
  • I am sometimes too passive and fearful of rejection
Things I Need to Learn More About
  • Party etiquette
  • How to improve my walk
  • How to be more attractive
  • How to attract, get along with, and have a relationship with men
  • How to be more graceful, poised, and elegant
  • Rules of etiquette
  • How to act more like a traditional feminine woman
  • How to dress more modestly
As you can see, I have positive and negative traits and there are some things I can learn to improve my attractiveness :)


  1. Wow...we are too much alike. I will definetly be folowing this blog! I'm also located in Canada, Toronto specifically and this blog will help as I'm just starting my journey :)

  2. Hi there Roxine :)

    Lol, that's cool that you are starting your own journey. Good to see another Canadian here who has maybe experienced some of the same things. I am very familiar with Toronto and I love it there :) Please come again and share your journey :)