Sunday, February 20, 2011

Instantly Improve your Posture and Appearance

One way to improve your feminine appearance is to improve your posture. Feminine women like Zoe Saldana were trained in dance and have excellent posture. When you stand up straight with your shoulders back you appear thinner, healthier, and more attractive. You will also experience less back pain and you will walk more gracefully.

The Feminine Woman has an excellent article with video demonstrations of stretches you can use to improve your posture! I have been doing the stretches for the past 3 days and they work! I had thought that I had great posture, but after doing the stretches I realized that my shoulders were rounded forward and when I stood normally my palms faced the front of my thighs. After I do the stretches my shoulders are pulled back, my back is flat, and my palms face the sides of my thighs so there is a major difference. Elegant also has several articles about improving your posture. I'm going to do these exercises daily until my posture is permanently corrected.

I also read on another blog, possibly The Art of Being Feminine, that if you are having difficulty walking in a feminine manner, practice walking on your toes. I have done this several times over the past few days. I notice that when I walk on my toes I'm actually more graceful! I can only take smaller steps, I somehow carry and turn my head differently, and I move and pick things up in a more delicate manner. Perhaps due to my precarious body position I am unable to do things with as much force so every movement is delicate and graceful. This may be why women who wear heels appear more feminine and graceful as well. There are several videos on YouTube about how to walk in heels so please take a look at them. Once the weather clears up I am going to try wearing heels again and I will definitely wear them when I start dating again. Later on I will invest in 2 pairs of high quality heels so that I can be comfortable, but I won't become a Carrie Bradshaw!

On Elegant there is an article called Ballet for Elegance. I admit that ballet dancers look elegant and graceful but I have negative feelings about the art because of the demand that the dancers are underweight and the foot pain (if I had a daughter I would not enroll her in ballet or gymnastics).  However, the author did make a good point that most ballet exercises involve stretching which improves flexibility. I rarely stretch but I think I will start!

I can't believe I'm saying this but...I just walked around the room with a book on my head! The truth is, it works! When you walk with a book on your head you have to walk slower and keep your head straight. If you pick anything up or turn your head you have to do it slowly and carefully. When you can walk with a book on your head you will be walking and moving gracefully! I imagine that after a while your body will remember the movements and you will always move gracefully. I'm going to practice this, some may laugh, but looking graceful is no different from wearing trendy clothes, make-up, and getting your hair done--they all make you look beautiful!

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