Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lessons We Can Learn from Secretaries

I was thinking last night about examples of really feminine women aside from celebrities. I started to think about jobs that are traditionally feminine and had a great idea! I think it will be easier for me to let my feminine side show if I think about women in traditional feminine jobs and what about those jobs exemplify feminine characteristics! I have a whole list in mind. I also realized that women with these jobs tend to be in men's erotic fantasies, That just shows how much men love feminine women!

The first example of a traditionally feminine role model is The Secretary/ Receptionist.
I'll use an idealized version of a secretary as an example because we know that all secretaries don't look like this ----------->
  1. Appearance: Secretaries/receptionists are always neatly dressed, often in feminine attire like blouses and skirts. Their appearance is always neat, they wear make-up, and have nicely groomed hair. A secretary/receptionist is the first person someone meets when they visit a workplace, therefore, their appearance always makes a good impression. Does your appearance make a good impression for yourself, your man, your family, or your boss?
  2. Manners: Secretaries/receptionists must have good manners and social skills in order to get along with everyone in a company and anyone who visits the workplace. I have always admired their ability to greet everyone with a smile, be cheery on the phone, and never let their negative emotions show (I personally could not be cheery having so many demands and being required to smile while dealing with annoying people. This is a TRUE SKILL). They use proper telephone etiquette, current writing conventions, and have good speaking skills. How do you appear to others? Can you control your emotions in public? How are your manners?
  3. Special Skills: Secretaries/Receptionists also have excellent time-management and scheduling skills because they know everything that is going on in the company (especially with their bosses) and make sure everyone keeps to their schedule. Are you often late or do you miss appointments? Do you keep track of you man's and your kids' schedules so that they are always on time and don't miss appointments? (they should also do this themselves but you can be the back-up)
  4.  Discretion: People love to stand around the secretary/receptionist's desk and talk. They hear EVERYTHING! A secretary is privy to all of a company's secrets and if she is a true lady, she keeps those secrets and does not spread them around. She also refrains from revealing too much personal information about herself that could quickly spread around the office. Do you talk too loudly so that everyone can hear your business? Do you gossip about your friends or coworkers? Do you keep the secrets of people who trust you?
  5. Caring and Giving: Secretaries/receptionists are essential for offices to run because they know everything including where everything is and how the office operates. When secretaries go on strike the productivity of the office loses steam. Are you indispensable to your man, your friends, or your family because of the things you do for them? Do you bring anything positive to those relationships or do you just take?
As you can see, there are many things we can learn from the ideal secretary that can make us better women and they truly exemplify femininity!


  1. Great post! You've touched on all of the relevant characteristics of a feminine woman. You are well on your way!

    By the way, thank you for reading and reviewing my blog! It's unfortunate that it took some time for you to go through my posts. But unlike yours, my theme's archives just do not work well with the overall look of my blog. Such is life :)

  2. Hi Jackie,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog! It was well worth it to start from the beginning of your blog and I will post a review of the first 16 pages shortly. I greatly admire you and your relatives for the valuable information they gave to you. They must have spent a long time teaching you these things and it's a shame that everyone did not have the same opportunity.

    Thanks again and I look forward to my next visit to your blog.



  3. Great post! I too am a work in progress though I'm much more feminine now than even a year ago. I hadn't thought of these positions that way but they are very true and have been characteristics that I've strengthened. It's definitely strengthened my relationships with men.