Thursday, January 3, 2013

Feminine Black Women in Music Videos

Today I thought it would be nice to just show some music videos where the women are being very feminine, flirty, girly, soft, and romantic in my opinion. It's easier to pick out femininity when you see it in action I think. Notice the wardrobe, soft hair, flowing movements, feminine and cutesy dancing, fluttering eyelashes, and pleasant facial expressions. These women are singing about romantic relationships and love mostly.

This is Sandcastle Disco by Solange Knowles. I like Solange's retro sound and I think I like her more than Beyonce. I think she is adorable in this video! I really like the song too. Notice the lyrics and the feminine message or vulnerability and needing to be treated with care.

This is another interesting video from Solange. I remember this song from the L'Oreal hair colour commercials. Notice the wardrobe in the 1960s and how it becomes increasingly more masculine and hard during the futuristic scene. I of course prefer the 1960s outfits the most because they are the most feminine.

I am really liking Corinne Bailey Rae! She is the queen of the innocent, breathless, baby voice lol! I love this song as well as Put Your Records On.

I am so mesmerized by Corinne's hair! She has been one of my hair inspirations for a while but it looks even better in motion! Gorgeous!

This is Inna Modja. I have collected many images of her on Tumblr because of her hair, smile, and feminine demeanor. Most of the song is in French but the chorus is in English. I like it :)

Ah Sade, this is one of the most feminine videos ever! Look at the way she moves, her facial expression, and listen to the lyrics. She is soooo feminine it's unbelievable.

P.S. Hey have you noticed that women in country music tend to be very feminine and not very masculine, hard, and overly sexual like the women in pop and hip hop?  They are also overwhelmingly White. I wish I didn't hate twang. fiddles, and banjos so much otherwise I would like it! I'm allergic to twang :) Plus, a lot of them sing about love and relationships and that's my favorite subject for music, since I love ballads. There is also that part of me that really notices that country music is overwhelmingly White and wonders if this isn't because of racism, just as the U.S. Republican party is also very White (I reference the U.S. because that's where most country music comes from). Maybe it's the conservative thing? I'll post a video below of popular country music.

You tell me, do they appear more feminine and less like loose women when compared to pop musicians? Well except for Gretchen Wilson who seems pretty hard. Some of the photos are sexy but not as over the top as the pop or hip hop ones. Maybe it's the facial expressions and feminine clothing? Maybe I'm so used to seeing "Black women appreciation videos" that use photos from men's magazines so the country video looks very tame. Lol, notice how feminist some of the lyrics are though! Some are not about romance and are about having masculine traits or getting revenge on a man! All the songs except three were about men. I have the feeling that Christian and gospel musicians would be more reserved and feminine too but I don't do religion or religious music.


  1. I love country music! I love music in general, but probably listen to country and bluegrass music more than anything. Even though there's not many Black country artists, the music is still appealing to me. The only Black (biracial) woman artist that comes to mind is Rhiannon Giddens of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Though their music is more old-time string music than country.

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

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  3. Strangely enough, country and rock have roots from blacks...(Jimmy Hendrix and Arnold Shultz).

    There are black country singers: Lori Lynnette, Miko Marks, Vicki Vann, Rhonda Towns, Rissi Palmer, Liz Toissaint, Petrella, etc.

    I think country is feminine to begin with.

  4. I love Solange & Corinne Bailey Rae! Both are such refreshing talents-in a world of over-sexed pop tarts and airheaded pretty girls, these beautiful ladies are so feminine and unique.

  5. Hi Working Home Keeper and Lorrnae,

    Actually I think my real issue is the sound, not really the fact that most of the artists are White. I listen to non-Black artists all the time and many of the old rock stars were White.

    It's just sometimes with things like country music and conservative groups, I feel like I don't want to support them if they are avid racists. I guess there is a stereotype that these people would not like me so why like their music or group? Just being honest, those are the thoughts that come up. But even if the artist was Black or a non-racist I still couldn't deal with the twang anyway.

    Thanks for the links :)

    Hi. Mrs. Glam :)
    I think I need to listen and watch more artists who do not appear oversexed. I like to just focus on the femininity and softness not the sex. I like a lot of music from the 80s and 70s and back then there was less sex and a lot of my favorite songs were sung by really unattractive people lol! It was the song and the voice that would get me.

  6. Hi Elegance! Charley Pride is a BM country and western singer from back in the 60s and 70s and he often comes to mind to some people, even to my mother's mind, because of his hit song 'Kiss An Angel 'Good Mornin'' and Willie Jones a contestant on X Factor in the US in 2012 reminds me of Charley Pride's approach somewhat.

    I have to admit I love Tanya Tucker's old songs from back in the 70s when she was a teenager and I like watching vids of her performances back then on YouTube!

    I love Sade and always have! She's always been gorgeous and she did model for a little while before starting her singing career and she's always carried herself in the most ladylike manner with her long dresses but The Diamond Life album will always be the bomb! Stronger Than Pride and Love Deluxe are lovely albums too of course. I'm still surprised to read that Sade was and is still way more popular in the US than she ever was in the UK but she did tour in the UK in either 2011 or 2012. Because of my own time constraints between working and studying I had to miss seeing her perform though : (