Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thank Goodness for Lingerie!

When I first read about lingerie on femininity blogs I didn't understand why they thought it was so great. Lingerie was just expensive stuff that some women liked, usually only in the bedroom. It was like fantasy clothing that 'regular women' didn't wear. I liked pretty bras and panties but that was about it. Also when I was younger I didn't really need foundation undergarments because my body was different and I rarely wore I understand their utility. If you feel and look beautiful that will be a big boost to your confidence and self-esteem, this will have positive affects on other aspects of your life, and this will make you more attractive to others. The big bonus is that many men LOVE lingerie too! They think it makes women look so beautiful.

Some women think of lingerie as torture devices created by some sadistic men who didn't like the way women were naturally built. However, I see lingerie as being the exact opposite! Instead, I imagine unhappy women going to tailors and begging for something to help them to look perfect, despite their flaws, so that they could feel beautiful and focus on more important things. This is what lingerie is for me, it covers up my flaws so beautifully that I look gorgeous wearing it, accept that I am gorgeous, and then stop worrying and nitpicking the way my body looks. I mean if this stuff exists then there must be so many other women now and through out history who had the same body issues! I am normal and still gorgeous! I kind of reminds me of the way there is no point in worrying about taking a photo with blemishes on your face because you know the image can be edited and even the most beautiful women in the world have their photos edited...I am not less than, I am normal. It makes me think that maybe all those women who look perfect in dresses may be wearing spanks, girdles, waist cinchers, and corsets to look that way and so can I!  Lingerie is like medicine for an illness (feeling imperfect) that not only makes you feel good, but it makes you a man magnet as a side effect!

Lingerie can be expensive though, so on my budget I'm just looking for a few things that will enhance my body in a functional way and will look sexy not embarrassing like that scene in Bridget Jones' Diary. These are my favorite 'hide your flaws and look hot' items:

1) Garter belts and stockings: Pantyhose and tights are not my favorite things because they often slide down when I walk and they often don't fit me well due to the size of my thighs. So instead of pantyhose and leggings I buy thigh-high stocking and tights.

Benefits:  Garters with stockings stay up well instead of rolling down when you walk. You can use the bathroom without pulling them down so it makes them less of a hassle once you have them on (wear underwear on top of garter belt). They make your legs look better because they cover up stretch marks and cellulite and make you butt look extra round and sexy. The whole garter/stocking contraption is just so sexy looking to men and they will make you seem like sexy fantasy because many women don't wear them. The tights will keep you warm in the winter so you can still wear skirts and dresses all year long. I actually make thigh-high tights by cutting the top part off of full works and I wear them with a modified garter (I had to attach suspender clips to a garter belt because the tights were too thick for regular garter clips). If you wear a garter belt at your waist it can actually cinch it in to make your waist look smaller. In fact, you can buy waist cinchers with attached garters!

I prefer wearing garters at the waist rather than
the low rise one in advertisements. I also prefer
the wider bands for extra support.

I like many of the vintage style
garter belts because they provide
more support and can come with
6 or more garter straps. The more
straps the more secure and easier
to wear all day. 

2) Waist cinchers: I always encourage women to exercise and get down to a healthy weight but what can you do in the meantime? Well you can wear a waist cincher! Waist cinchers are modern lingerie that resemble corsets.

Benefits: They cinch in your waist and flatten your tummy so you don't have to worry about it. Unlike Spankx they actually look good and are easy to get on and off (but they don't do anything for your thighs). They make your dresses and tops sit smoother because there are no rolls or bumps and they give you more of an hourglass figure. Some waist cinchers come with attached garters, or you can just wear a garter belt over or under it. Your clothes will fit you so much better if you are wearing a waist cincher and your waist will appear smaller too!

3) Corsets: Oh I love corsets!!! They are so beautiful and nowadays you can by inexpensive fashion corsets for under $20. They come in beautiful designs, with frills and bows if you like, and can be worn over or under clothing depending on the style. Corsets are one of the most feminine undergarments ever and they have an elegant vintage look or even a modern sexy look because they come in many varieties.

Benefits: They make your waist look smaller and more feminine and hourglass shaped. You will look like you lost weight but you do not have to wear them too tightly if you don't want to. Overbust corsets cover the chest so you do not need a bra. Therefore, they are great for strapless tops or halters and act like a bra plus a waist cincher (best invention ever lol! Strapless bras do not work for busty women like me). Underbust corsets are like waist cinchers but they are rigid instead of stretchy lycra or spandex and the laces make them adjustable. Corsets improve your posture and can make your chest look very large and welcoming ;)

Pretty overbust corset. Corsets with a lot
of bows and frills will be hard to hide under
clothes so this one is meant to be seen.

Waist Training

I think I want to start waist training! Waist training requires a waist training corset that is more expensive than a fashion corset ($50 and more). I watched a ton of YouTube videos about it last night. For waist training you wear the corset for as many hours of the day as you can and even while sleeping if you want. As you get used to a certain tightness then you gradually tighten it more and more.  The corset has to be well made and stronger for this so you have to learn about corset parts, quality, and functions so that you can purchase a good one. By wearing it most of the time and tightening it your fat gets moved around and even your organs move a bit. This is not dangerous or harmful if done gradually but you need to do your research about it. You need to learn about the quality of corsets and shapes, how to put them on (you actually have to tighten and loosen the back every time you wear it), and how to care for it.

Once you get down to a desired size the changes can be somewhat permanent, but just like with exercise, you have to keep doing it (less frequently though) in order to maintain your progress.  It is also recommended that you exercise so that you keep your core muscles strong and firm. I just want to have a perfect .7 hip to waist ratio so I don't plan of developing a wasp waist or anything. As soon as you put one on and very quickly afterwards it will look like you have lost weight and your figure will look very attractive.  One major reason why I want to do waist training is for weight loss. Apparently, the corset restricts how much you can eat (similar to gastric bypass surgery) because there is not as much space for your stomach to expand. So it will help me with my weight loss plans, I will instantly look smaller with better posture, and it will make me feel many benefits! Wearing a corset and most lingerie is like having a sexy secret that no one (except your man) knows about.

Here are some videos by modern women who wear corsets and there are MANY videos and blogs about corsets. These are super feminine women and they are proud of it!

This lady has many videos on her Youtube Channel called Lucy's Corsetry. If you look at her videos (I must have watched 20) you can see that she is very feminine. She keeps her hair long, frequently wears corsets, has undergone waist training, and also makes corsets. This video is great because it talks about different types of women who wear corsets. She has another video showing how boxy her waist normally is HERE so you can see that weight loss would never give her these dimensions. 

This young lady is undergoing waist training. She is trying to make her waist very small. Not my goal but it's interesting to watch her videos and see her trials and tribulations :) You will notice that she is very feminine with long hair

I think this video shows how a corset, heels, feminine hair, and feminine clothing can really enhance your appearance. The comments on this video are mixed (some people think it's weird to to pose like this and the noises) but some men were really floored by her femininity. I think she looks fantastic! If you don't have a waist, you can buy one with a corset instead of starving yourself and self-criticizing all day.

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  1. I bought a corset not too long ago from Fredrick's of Hollywood. I am HOOOKKEEDDD!!!! I love thigh- high pantyhose and I have a pair. It's fantastic and buying more. Nice article and glad you're shedding light on this.


  2. I really enjoy your site. I used some of your content in a research paper for my English class this semester. So you're in my (work cited and annotated bibliography) :) The title was 'the negative effects of the feminist movement on modern womanhood'. I'm becoming somewhat of an expert myself! Thank you & Keep doing this please!

  3. i really love the idea of wearing lingerie- any opportunity to wear beautiful clothing is great. The thing is.. I still don't own one. Definitely have to add that on my 'things to do' list.

    Any tips for buying lingerie? Wear do you get yours?
    I'm not exactly sure on how to go about this

  4. Hi Keeshia Lacy :) I ordered a couple of fashion corsets so I should receive them soon. I might buy a waist training corset too though. But I have found that waist cinchers do a pretty good job too. I think that I will make it a habit to pick up lingerie on sale and ordering it online :)

    Hi FF,
    Well I really wasn't expecting that lol :) I'm glad that you found the site useful for your paper and that you are enjoying it. I have some pretty unconventional views (that were conventional in the past). Thanks for your comment :)

    Hi madisonkc,
    I'm not expert on lingerie so I just search for deals online. There are also many retail chains in most cities. I would just try to learn about lingerie online and then use that information to make purchases. The internet is your friend. You can purchase things cheaply from companies that ship from China like but often the details of the items are not very clear.

  5. I considered waist training last year because i always thought the hour glass figure was a more feminine look! but then i thought about it, and decided it's not for me because i'm just not the person to like tight sensations and tight clothing ( i dont even like wearing skinny jeans..!) i love corsets so much though!! blehhh x_x

  6. Where do you find corsets for under $20?
    Is it resale?