Monday, December 31, 2012

I've Decided to Start Corset Waist Training

Well you may have seen this coming since my Thank Goodness for Lingerie post, but I have decided to start corset waist training! I ordered some fashion corsets ($15) each to start. They have plastic boning and don't have many of the characteristics mentioned in the video below about what to look for in a corset.

What to look for in store video, Tips for buying a corset online (MUST WATCH).

I am now going to purchase a waist training corset and this will cost me about $70 and I have been searching for things online. I've actually chosen one from Leatherotics and there is a review for it HERE that provides way more information than on the store website. Garters can even be attached to it! I'm going to pay extra for it to be made for my custom measurements because that's supposed to make the waist look extra curvy. I'm not going to spend over a hundred dollars for a customized corset just in case wearing it isn't as fun as I expect.

I feel okay wearing the fashion corsets so I think wearing the waist training corset will be okay. I'm looking forward to the benefit of it reducing my appetite and eating smaller portions so that I can lose some weight. It will improve my posture too and just enhance my looks. I don't plan on tightlacing too much or trying to get under 20 inches or something, it's just not necessary to me. I don't want my proportions to look abnormal or extreme so my goal will be 26 inches in the corset after I lose some weight (I was 28 inches the last time I lost weight so it's not going to be extreme).

I'm really excited about this because corsets are such a feminine piece of clothing, although in the past some men have also worn them. But most people associate them with highly feminine women. Did you know Dita Von Teese has worn corsets since age 22? Here are some videos about her corsets, VIDEO1, VIDEO2 pretty risque NSFW, and VIDEO3 that I agree with. She laces up way too tight for me though and can go down to 16 inches! Something about the heaving bosom, tiny waist, and curvy hips is just so gorgeous, womanly, and sensuous. I actually like the way the corset feels smooth and as the Lucy Corsetry blog mentions, there is something comforting about being bound, like a warm hug or being swaddled. As far as clothing goes, in the corset your torso looks perfect, no back or belly rolls, perfectly flat stomach, and your proportions are perfect. However, the busk in the front and the boning can show through tight, thin-fabric clothes so I'll have to figure out a way to hide that. I may even dare to wear one as outwear on occasion.

I think that wearing a corset will be my bit of edge, sort of. You know I don't like edge when it makes women look hard, angry, unapproachable, or masculine, but this will give me a bit of ultra feminine edge! Most women do not wear corsets and many actually wrongly think they are torture devices, painful, and dangerous but I'm going to bravely wear one. Some people may actually be opposed to me wearing one because of their reputation. It's kind of funny, on my journey to embrace and enhance my femininity I'm going back to wearing one of the most feminine garments ever that some modern women today would label as "oppressive"! Yet I feel it will allow me to have a super feminine body and free me from the oppression of worrying about my waistline and comparing my waist to others! Many people also think corsets are incredibly sexy so it will give me a sexy edge although I will not be exposing more skin or changing my behaviour in any way. Corsets will be "my thing" along with dressing feminine, being nice and polite, and wearing natural hair.

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  1. I've always liked the idea of corsets but I've never had the boobs for them (small chested girl here:D). Although I love my boobs, I kept telling myself corsets were for fuller figured women so I always disregarded them. But I love the look they give especially on evening dresses- the Victorian style kind and lingerie, this post has encouraged me to try it.

  2. Hi Alanna,

    Well the underbust corsets don't cover the chest so they don't flatten your chest. I think those look really good and I'll be using one for my corset training.

  3. Hmmm, I've considered waist training in the past, though, when I was at my smallest I didn't really need it (25.5 inch waist at the time.) However, it may be useful to help me get a more hourglass physique, after having my little one and seeing my natural shape change a bit.

  4. So glad I found your blog. I too want to waist train, I love corsets and the information here is gold.

    Great blog!!

  5. OMG! I am SO have I came across this article. I'm going to be purchasing my first waist training corset on my next payday. I haven't come across many positive articles about corsets by and for African American women. So when I stumbled across your blog, I was so excited! Looking forward to reading more. Thanks!