Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ways to Look Cute and Feminine

I've been searching the Internet for ways to look cute that would be suitable for adult women who don't want to pretend they are little girls. I love kawaii fashion but I would only wear little bits of it myself otherwise I'd end up looking like Nikki Minaj. We have to abandon the hard, ghettofabulous, hip hop look and go for something softer and more innocent. It's okay to look like and be a girly girl! These tend to be things other women wear, but why can't we? So here are some ways to add cute to your look.

  1. Cute accessories. You can wear cute ear muffs, gloves, scarves, hats, belts,  leg warmers, and arm warmers.
  2. Cute outerwear. Choose a cute coat that only a woman would wear.
  3. Cute dresses, skirts, and tops. Try to find dresses that are flattering for your figure in feminine colours and patterns. Nothing too tight or revealing. You will also get more out of your money if you buy dresses that are appropriate for work or after work (e.g., pair the dress with a cardigan or blazer at work). I avoided dresses for many years, but now I find them more comfortable than pants. They are more forgiving if your weight fluctuates and they accentuate your curves while hiding oversized hips and thighs.
  4. Cute shoes. Anything with a bow, curved toe, and pretty colour is great.
  5. Cute purses. These can be as adorable as you want with bows, hearts, flowers, and even cartoon characters if you dare.
  6. Cute makeup. There are many videos on YouTube that can give you tips about cute make-up. Many of the one's done by Black women are too colourful and unnatural, but I did find a few.
  7. Cute hair. In my opinion, cute hair looks natural not artificial. It looks soft to the touch and doesn't look like you spent all day working on it. Don't go overboard with the hair accessories.
I'll do a post on cute make-up and hair next ;)




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    1. Yes! I love this post. I see too many other Black women who are afraid to be "soft." You don't have to be hard and dress the part all the time. Nothings wrong with being feminine and girly and cute.

    2. Thanks so much...and your name is adorable!

    3. I think you'll love this article.

    4. I almost forgot, I don't know if you've ever heard of the Carefree Black Girl movement, however it would be nice to hear your opinion on it.