Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Are Black Women Really That Bad?

I came across a blog last night called NoWayGirl.com. I went through all 86 pages of bad hair photos! I recognized some of the photos because men on YoutTube used them in videos to show the world how unattractive they think (and want the world to think) Black women are. First of all I have to provide some constructive criticism for these ladies who do not not represent all Black women. I remember some women wearing coloured weaves when I was in high school and during my undergrad. Some wore blonde or red, or black with the ends coloured pink or purple. No one was wearing wigs especially lace front wigs. I will admit, the lace front wigs in the photos look horrible! Why not wear a regular wig that doesn't have to be glued on? Maybe a wig that has a bang to cover your hairline? Maybe I'm missing something and they actually want to look like dolls with doll hair. If you have traction alopecia or you are balding, then a weave is inappropriate and you need a wig instead that will give your hair a chance to grow back. I have gone through the relaxers, sew in weaves, clip on weaves, and hair breakage due to relaxers and hair colour. But if your hair is being so damaged by these things isn't it time to stop?

Photobucket I am an advocate for natural hair. I have transitioned for nine months and have been natural for three years. There is no way I am going back. It is a scary thing to go natural if you have no memory of what your unprocessed hair looks like. I don't recommend a big chop or going bald unless you're sure you will look good that way. I would recommend transitioning as long as possible but you must stop using braid-in weaves and lace fronts immediately. There are plenty of online resources and even books about how to go natural so it might not be as difficult as you think. I spent a lot of money at first buying new products, but now that I know what works for me, I don't spend much on my hair at all. Plus, I never go to a hairdresser!

I think that some people just don't like looking natural in terms of colour and they don't want a hairstyle that doesn't stand out. I think this is something young people go through, but after a while other people grow out of it. I kept wondering where these women worked and if that was even possible with hair like that. What is this need to have such unnatural looking hair? Is everyone around you saying you look good?

The next thing I have to discuss is the clothing. We've gone through fashion on the blog already so I won't have to repeat it here. Yes, a lot of the women were overweight or obese. Exercise has to become an important part of your life and should be more important than keeping your hairstyle, but that is a post for another time. In the meantime, plus sized women still need to wear clothes, go out, and feel attractive. But I have to ask these women, do you shop for items that YOU FIND attractive or do you shop for items that MAKE YOU look attractive? There are plenty of cute clothes that may come in your size, but if it doesn't make you look good DON'T BUY IT! Yes, it's not fair that thinner girls can wear almost anything and look great, but you won't become thin overnight (I don't advise trying to do so either, lose weight the healthy way) so what will you wear in the meantime?

I recommend spending your money on quality clothing that fit you properly, nothing skimpy or flimsy, and nothing so tight people can see your rolls. If you must wear something tight then you must invest in bodyshaping underwear. You may even need a tailor to alter your clothes. This may mean you can't afford to buy as much clothing or the newest things from stores. But in my opinion it would be better to go out and wear the same items over and over, in different combinations, than wear a new unflattering outfit every time. Once you have the basics you can buy accessories that are on trend instead of fad outfits. You don't have to dress like your thin friends (the thin women didn't look great either) and you can look like an EBW with class.

The last thing I want to mention is that Black women are not the only one's who sometimes dress horribly. Take a look at Turbo White Trash, Poorly Dressed, and these Google searches for Goth Fashion and Punk Fashion. The women on these sites look just as ridiculous or abnormal. To anyone reading this just remember, these websites do not represent all Black or White people. To the men who post these photos on YouTube lamenting the way Black women look...you are dishonest and very narrow minded!


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