Saturday, February 2, 2013

What Do Men Look for in Girlfriends & Wives?

This post is going to be entirely videos. I'll let some men and women explain what they think men want in girlfriends and wives. If you want men to care about what you want then you should care about what they want right?

Three more videos after the break...


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  2. Hi there Marquan :)

    "I think it also puts men off when a woman sits and talks about her accomplishments -- a way of bragging for them? What do you think?"

    Yes I think it puts men off. They can be impressed with a woman's achievements but that's not usually why they are interested in a woman. I found that out from watching videos like these, talking to men, and reading about what attracts me. Apparently many don't care if you are barely making ends meet and a woman can attract men even when she is unemployed. Bragging isn't very attractive in anyone, but for some reason it works for some men and gets other men to admire them. The same thing doesn't happen with women.

    I love videos like these because they actually show what different men think and they are saying very similar things! I've noticed the same things being said over and over online and I pay attention to what the men say they actually want.

  3. Hi Elegance! I can't viewthe videos?

  4. Hi Tameka,

    It might be a problem with Flash, you may need to update the program on your computer. But on Youtube there are plenty of relationship videos to watch so there are there.

  5. Hello Elegance,

    Loved your videos!

    Referring to your comment to Marquan: I've also believe it's easy to attract men. But it gets a little complicated when you're trying to attract the RIGHT man! And also men should find out what we as women want.

  6. My husband wrote about this a while ago, and you can find it here:

    I also just asked him if being a lady was important, and he said (in his very Italian, macho way since he is passionate about this subject), "What? You think I would want a masculine woman? That's a man, and I don't do men. I don't want someone like me. I want someone opposite of me, and being a lady is a must."