Saturday, July 21, 2012

Asian Women Acting Masculine, Hard, and Ghetto Part II

I found this interesting Tumblr Site about B-Gyaru (sorry about the title). I previously wrote about B-gyaru in my posts, B-Lifestyle in Japan and Asian Women Acting Hard, Masculine, and Ghetto in Music Videos. Some may think this looks cute but I don't. I think you should also know that the most popular wearers of this style are STRIPPERS! Okay, some are go-go dancers, but you can tell from the site that they sometimes wear barely any clothes, many work at clubs, and they look very over sexed. They look hard and trashy in my opinion and you know this is not a respectable way to dress. I mean it's not all horrible but....just look at it and decide for yourself. Compare that site with one for cute, feminine Gyaru gals at Site 1, Site 2, Site 3, Site 4, Site 5 (it's a very young look I know) and you'll notice the B gyaru look is harder and more sexual and vulgar!

Both looks are very extreme, way too extreme for professional women or students, and Gyaru is way too much for an adult woman. But I just wonder, if someone were to dress in one of these costumes who would be perceived as a sex object who lives a rough life, hard, and trashy versus cute, sweet, endearing, and harmless? I think in a way they are showing two extremes of femininity, the mature, sexually aggressive, and skin bearing type of femininity versus the girlish, innocent, sweet and frilly type of femininity. Its "Bad girl" versus "Good girl". You know I prefer the Good girl look and most parents of young girls would. Unfortunately I think many women, especially Black women, are forced and pressured into the Bad girl, mature, sexually aggressive, and skin bearing type of femininity or into hiding their femininity by adopting masculine styles. There needs to be more balance and until then there will be opposition to both types of femininity. If the Bad girl look was so great women would not be complaining that they are treated as sexual objects, assumed to be promiscuous, assumed to have low morals, passed over for more conservative girls, and disrespected. If the good girl look was accepted then people would not call Black women "sellouts", "traitors to women", or infantalized and immature for choosing a more ultra feminine look.

You won't believe this video. Yes, Caribbean women haven't always portrayed the best image either. Even the women in the video recognize that they are trying to portray "strong" women and their dancing is overly sexual. All Asian women don't want to be delicate flowers as you can see ;)

Lol Latinos are not immune as you can see on this Chola Gal Tumblr site ;) Seriously this is so crazy they really know how to do that look! (OMG When I was in high school I used to wear dark liner and light lipstick...I was copying Chola style!).

This just makes you think that all it is is clothes, make-up, dance/music, and an attitude that can be adopted by anyone. It isn't genetic. It's just that somehow, due to fate, some people adopted a certain style and demeanor while others chose something different. So just because you were born in a certain country or with skin of a certain colour it does not mean you MUST adopt the stereotypical/most popular style of that culture. It's not in your genes, it's just a matter of preference. You can adopt any style you want.

BUT if that style brings you nothing but grief you will have to decide if it's actually worth it since it really is just clothes, make-up, dance etc. To me, none of those things are worth my future marriage, friends, or job so it wouldn't be the end of the world to me if I had to stop doing these things or keep them behind clothed doors. They are not more important to me than my partner, family, friends, education or job. They don't make me me.

One last thing is that while some may find these sites and videos cute and use them as confirmation that your style is harmless fun, please consider who these people are and who is in the most support of these styles. Are they like you? Do they have the same goals and lead the same lifestyle you do? If your style is mostly worn by strippers, rappers, and criminals, and you want to be a banker, teacher, or doctor then you are emulating the wrong people and it could prevent you from achieving your goals. You do not know why these people have adopted these styles! For all you know it could be because their dancing job requires it, they are criminals or part of the underclass (e.g., in a gang), wacky musicians or artists who don't have to follow mainstream rules of conduct, they are rebelling against their parents or society (and will eventually grow out of it), they have no desires to achieve anything and are just surviving, or it's just something fun they do for the weekend. Many adopt the gangbanger style as a form of rebellion because they have no interest in leading a mainstream, "normal" life and don't need to be accepted by anyone (e.g., mainstream employers, teachers, family, banks, customers etc.). So choose wisely :)


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  2. I just want to add, on that note, that being educated doesn't have to be masculine. My wife and I both are Ivy League educated and multi-lingual, and despite her education, she doesn't stop being a gentle, soft-spoken, respectful, and sensual feminine woman.

  3. Paul M. said...

    The masculine Asian women that you showed in the video are masculine because they've been affected by Western culture. True Asian women, not affected by American culture, are [very feminine].

    That's why I married a woman from Japan. She's sensual, feminine, soft-spoken, kind, not materialistic, dedicated to her family, and with a Master's degree in Computer Science from Princeton to boot!

    We found you through, her favorite blog. This is very interesting material, so I hope that you continue to pursue it. :)

    Elegance said...

    Thank you for your comments Paul :)

    I definitely don't think that being educated makes a woman masculine, neither does working for a living. These things are important and can help people to become more well-rounded and knowledgeable. Working also helps financially and teaches us the value of money, hard work, and accountability. All good lessons for women and men.

    I think that many women vary in how much they express femininity but I think readers may have been offended by part of your comment so I had to edit it :)

  4. Paul maybe one of those men who have a thing for aw, so be it.

    However, the film don't lie. These particular aw are probably lower class; so who cares what they think? Also, it is very obvious Jamaican men working in Japan have influence the younger generation. I feel a little insulted with their tanned skin. I have never in my life behaved the way those women did in those videos.

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  6. Roger said...
    [EDITED by Elegance]

    The men who go for Asian women aren't doing it for the physical characteristics as much as for the femininity typical of *traditional* Asian women.

    It's not about Asian women being attractive as much as femininity being attractive, and I'm sure that a man would be just as happy with a woman of another race as long as she was just as feminine.

    A white or black feminine woman would be much better than a masculine Asian woman any day, but it just happens that society tends to teach Asian women to be more feminine because in Asia, being known as an awesome wife and mother who's dedicated to her family is so much more prestigious for a woman than is being known as a CEO.