Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Focusing on the Positive and Positive People

I'm moving on with things and leaving the negativity behind because I can, there is no benefit to dwelling on it,  I don't expect to get along with or be understood by everyone (no one can), and I'm fine with that because life is good and only getting better!

If anyone is reading this, could you suggest some positive blogs by Black women or about femininity? I need to shift my online reading to positive or neutral things that will add positive things to my life rather than worries or negativity. Usually in the morning I get up and read blogs, but I'm going to read books instead. I'll become an avid reader and maybe I'll buy one of those Kindle things. It just takes so much longer to read a book and then do a review!

I find it hard to stay interested in fashion blogs because I have enough clothes and I don't tend to get into trends. I'm also satisfied with my make-up and don't need to by new products or looks. I've lost interest in celebrity tabloid blogs too. Not interested in politics and the negativity associated with that. Maybe there are sites with funny stories? I should take up some of the hobbies that I wrote about long ago, like knitting instead of reading blogs. Just because I blog doesn't mean I have to read them all the time. I haven't read the Huffington Post much, maybe I'll find those articles interesting or neutral rather than negative? Maybe I can read a blog meant for the masses instead of race-based things that can often be depressing. Fitness blogs would be good too. Self-improvement blogs as well. So hopefully there are other options.


  1. I created a positive blog for women of color as a hobby. It's part of my SheThrives! campaign for women striving to do better with their lives

  2. Try "Happy Black Woman"


    awesome blog.

  4. Thank you so much E. Wilson, Jamila, and Chizzy D I'll have to check out those sites!

  5. I really like Lifehacker ( Some of the stuff is techie but there's a lot of stuff about improving your life and home using everyday items. They talk about rearranging stuff to make more space, easy ways to stay organized.

    Also, I just wanted to add that seeking out productive blogs is really a great idea. One thing I noticed is that on blogs that focus on self-empowerment and productivity, the tone is much nicer. It's like people leave aside their egos and come together to help one another.


    another link for you