Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Need To Start Blogging Again

Well I had a great summer! I wore feminine clothes, met a lot of people, flirted and dated cute guys, and really had a good time. Then September came around and I had to work on some things for school. I used some of the things I learned on this blog, but I did slip in some areas, sometimes because it seemed necessary and sometimes because I just wasn't thinking about them while I was having fun.

Well I dressed feminine almost all the time and wore skirts and dresses, my hair down, and make-up. The guys really loved my natural hair and I got plenty of compliments (that I graciously thanked them for with a smile). I was polite whenever someone tried to talk to me and almost never reacted in a negative or aggressive way. Well except one time where an obese guy told me that I looked like I was having a "f****** awful time" (when I was not) and continued to swear and criticize me for not knowing he wanted to dance with me! That was just rude. I didn't swear at him but I asked him what he wanted from me and to go away, and yes I did look angry. It almost ruined my night! He was disrespecting me, maybe I could have looked less angry, but he would not go away but at least I don't think anyone but my friend noticed.

I went out on many dates but nothing serious came out of them. Probably because the guys were way too young for me so I wasn't serious about them either. I started doing online dating, and I'm still doing that, but things seem to have slowed down since the weather started getting colder. At first I did not send messages to guys, but there are so many profiles online, if I didn't say hi then many guys would not have even seen me. I suppose if I had met these guys in real life then I would have smiled or subtly shown interest, so online that takes the form of a wink or a message saying hi :) The guys I met always said that I was fun and although I was sexy, I was classy. I guess with the way my body is shaped I look sexy. Maybe I should minimize that and I was planning on buying some new clothes.

I didn't exercise as much as I should have so I put on a few pounds. I wasn't doing my posture exercises either so I have to get back on track with that. The one thing I remembered to do was to keep a slight smile on my face, which is probably why I was so approachable. I haven't been able to work on any feminine hobbies yet.

Oh, I have probably read every article and seen every video there is about Black women being single or Black women dating interracially. You have probably all heard about that awful Psychology Today blog that denied our amazing beauty but thankfully everyone (except some Black men???) rejected the article. I enjoyed reading articles about Ralph Richard Banks, Ph.D. and his new book "Is Marriage for White People?". I agree with his advice that Black women should date out rather than date down, but I'm also biased because I have always dated interracially and it's not as big a deal in Canada. So I've spent a lot of time reading and watching everything about Black women dating and marriage. Maybe I'll write something about it...or not because everyone seems to be fed up with the subject except me.

So that's everything that has been going on with me and I'll think up some new things to post.

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