Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Elite Single Chinese Women are like Elite Single Black Women!!!

Photobucket Wow oh wow! I just read an article that was linked to the Be Exquisite blog (I spent a while catching up on my reading there...great stuff!). It's called Elite Single Chinese Face 'Leftover Lady' Discount. I could not believe what I read! Their situation is so much like the situation of successful African American women trying to find husbands who are on their level.

Everyone knows about the shortage of women in China due to their one-child rule and preference for having a male child. But the article explains that there is an excess of poor men and not enough educated, white-collar, successful Chinese men who are on the same level as the elite Chinese women. So they are having problems finding men. Their parents are telling the women that they are too picky and marriage is more important than their careers. Some of the women are saying they accept that they might never get married and they find fulfillment in their work. There is also a traditional belief that Chinese men should marry down instead of getting someone out of their league (unlike some men I've heard about). These women also don't want to marry down. Here is a similar article about Chinese women having difficulty finding boyfriends (it really sounds like the kind of comments you hear about black women, it's really shocking!!!).

PhotobucketSo, apparently Asian women can be independent, non-submissive, and unwilling to cater to men. Not all Asian women are the same! Some of them take pride in education and their careers and they don't base their happiness on serving a man's every whim. They aren't lowering their standards just to get a man! Wanting to do better and not settle is what many women choose to do, not just Black women! I wonder if their men will start complaining about their attitudes, that their standards are too high, they are unfeminine, or their educations are not important? Will they be called golddiggers because they want someone with a similar income and a degree? Will they be compared to women of other ethnicities because those women marry at higher rates???


  1. Hello! I just want to say that I am IN LOVE with you! I saw your "The New Elegant Black Woman is Coming!" video through and I was immediately HOOKED! I hope you find the time to continue blogging because your words are NEEDED!

    I'll be following you closely and maintaining my own path to femininity as well!


  2. Well thank you so much for your kind words :) I did feel pretty good after writing my last two posts. I 'm looking forward to coming up with some new posts. Good luck on your path to femininity and thanks for visiting :)