Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to Look Feminine Video

Well this is a simple video about things women can do if they want to look more feminine. It is only about looking feminine not about behaviours or inner qualities. The annotations took forever!


  1. A great breakdown of all the factors associated with projecting a feminine image. Awesome.

    As you mentioned shapewear, how's your corseting going? Anything to report just yet?

  2. I love this video! Learned so much, thanks for taking the time to make it! :)

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely video and always Fantastic posts. I find them so uplifting and encouraging. We as Black women deserve to see ourselves as Beautiful! It is psychologically and spiritually healing to claim our Beauty, our Good, and our innate Abundance. Thank you for reminding us!

  4. Excellent video!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  5. Such a wonderful video! Thanks so much for taking the time to put it together. I love the beautiful and positive images of feminine Black women. Kudos!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love this video and the visual reminder is just wonderful. I love the presentation and everything. Great job!

  7. Thank you so much for all the positive comments! It was fun making the videos and I would encourage anyone to do the same if they have a problem with the negative images of Black women in the media.

    I think that viral videos and Internet media can really change people's thinking and create a following.

    I know that it has worked so well on me that I rarely ever see anything bad about Black women anymore and I see so many positive images. This is because I occupy my entertainment time with shows, websites, and videos that are positive and skip over the negative. While some people can think of few positive Black women role models I can think of 52 or more. When they say there are no shows starring Black women who are not negative stereotypes I can probably think of 20 not including all the people I watch on YouTube and bloggers.

    The idea I have of Black women in my head is way different from the women who are upset about our image right now. I don't let television dictate what I see and when, I seek out what I want on the Internet whenever I want. Technology is great!

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    Well I haven't purchased the waist training corset yet, I always procrastinate on ordering stuff for some reason. But I wear a waist cincher (the flexible spandex type) a lot and a fashion corset. The cincher is too small so it really sucks me in and it's good to sleep in because my diaphragm can move when I breathe.

    I have noticed changes already! The first week I started wearing it I lost 6 pounds (probably water). That was a month ago and I haven't gained it back. It does reduce appetite. I think that it is changing my shape because I'm much flatter now. It helps me to keep my abs flexed (isometric exercise) so that may be helping too. My abdomen just looks so much better now and it doesn't expand as much when I eat. I can also close down the fashion corset way more than I could when I first purchased it.

    So once I buy the waist training corset then this progress will be continued and I'm looking forward to more positive results :)

  9. thank you, everything my Mom told me to do, reinforced. Act like a lady.

  10. Lovely video! I am a young black woman in my late teen who is striving to became a feminine woman. Thank you for creating this!