Thursday, January 10, 2013

An Alternative to the Angry, Strong, Independent Black Woman?

This video was a long time coming. When I began this journey to become feminine I had some of the same goals and ideas I have now. But I have gotten to know myself better and I can really describe the type of woman I want to be. I had to weed through the pop culture and feminist notions and figure out that I wanted to be a modern feminine Black woman. This is basically an EBW and she embraces a modern lifestyle in some ways but in other ways she is quite old fashioned.

This is who I am. This is being liberal and conservative. This is being an individual who is different from many modern women yet the same as many traditional women and women of the past. I don't reject or accept everything from the past because the past was not perfect. I don't reject or accept everything modern because modern ideas and values are not perfect either and they have yet to be proven beneficial in the long term. I feel happy and more secure in my choice to become a modern feminine woman. I have learned so much that I am not as easily swayed about my choices as I once was. I do not feel that my values, goals, and choices are mistakes that I will regret later. I have decided who I want to be and I'm happy with the progress I have made towards becoming that person.

The video below may be controversial to some but it is honest. This is who I want to be and these are my beliefs. Basically if anyone objects to anything they are free to use Ezvid to express their own views, free media is awesome!!!  :)


  1. Love, love, love the video! Great job Elegance! This is a message that needs to be heard by black women today.

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  2. I swear I had left a message here earlier. Did you even get it? If not I can write it over.

  3. Hi Maria,

    Yes I did read it. That's weird, I didn't delete it, don't think that's ever happened before. You were asking about how I made the video.

    I used a free program called EzVid. You just download it and it's pretty easy to use. I just downloaded a bunch of my Tumblr videos to my computer and then added them to EzVid. Then I worked on the timing (by expanding the size of the images you change the timing). Then I added some music from their list of free selections. There aren't that many choices though.

    After that I used the program to upload it to Youtube. Once uploaded I used the Youtube video editor to add the annotations (all the labels and words). It took a while to get used to it and I had to adjust how long the words stayed on the screen. BUt I'm much better with it now.

    It would be cool if you and others did make videos. There are so many negative ones, positive and constructive videos would be really helpful. We have so many great images on Tumblr, but more people will see them if they are on Youtube. I just try to use celebrity photos on Youtube though because Tumblr people may not want their image shown all over.

  4. Thanks a lot! And yes we should all make youtube videos with more positive images of black women. The more positive images of us the better. I love that you didn't use any of those corny R&B songs that so many black women use on their youtube videos. I love the song on this one, you know the name of the song by any chance?

  5. The song is called The Love Electric. It's one of the songs that comes with the program. Tehre were some R & B type songs but I didn't want them. They sounded too "hard".