Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Learning the Art of Cooking

Last weekend I was grocery shopping and there was a charity book sale. It was just my luck that there was a cooking section and I was able to purchase three great cookbooks on sale!

I bought Cooking for Today (1985; didn't realize it was so old). But it has over 660 recipes and photos of almost every recipe. It was $5.00 instead of $39.95. I also bought Cooking in Colour (1982; oh wow, it's so old maybe the cooking times won't apply to modern ovens...oh well). This one was $4.00 instead of $29.95 and it has photos of every recipe. The third book I bought was Good Cooking Magic (2003) and it was $3.50 instead of $16.95. This book barely has any images of the dishes but it has 50s style images of women cooking (no Black folks at all!). It's supposed to teach people the basics of cooking. I need this because I realize it's not just about following the recipe, there are certain basics I need to learn. I've been reading through it. I hope these books will help me out and I'm going to start trying to cook some new things.

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