Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Prep Pursuit

Hey Ladies,

Well ad you may have noticed, I haven't had time to make posts on this blog. I'm just really busy lately with work and trying to enjoy myself. I have also been reading tons of politics but I don't want to write about those things on the blog.

But I do have something for you today that could keep you learning how to be an elegant Black woman for hours! Perhaps on this blog or on YouTube, someone suggested the channel The Prep Pursuit but I never got around to checking it out. Well some of the videos showed up on my feed and they look like something you would all like. Check out a few of her videos below :)

How to make a great 1st impression

How to flirt with a gentleman

My thrift shop secrets


  1. Hi there unfortunately for whatever reason I cannot download these videos, these seem so interesting and pertaining to us. I cannot wait to watch them.


    1. HI CEDI, You probably can't download them but you can watch them on Youtube. Just search for The Prep Pursuit and you can see all of her videos. :)

  2. I'll check her videos out! I see that one of the videos you posted is about flirting. I've noticed that this is a topic that you haven't written about yet. Maybe that could be an idea for a future post.