Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Pro Man Woman

I agree with Shanda in this video and I am loving her YouTube channel. How can women expect men to listen to them if they scream "I don't care what men think" all the time? You can't treat people in a disrespectful way and expect to be respected in return.  I can listen to a man's opinion and desires and agree and conform to them if they suit my needs, fit with my goals and values, and do not seem impossible or unreasonable to me. I won't be a robot or a slave but I think men and women can do things to please each other and that doesn't make them weak. I think this is just the way people get along with each other. I'm guessing that many of the same women who say "I don't need a man" are the same ones saying " I don't care what men think". Well both attitudes will definitely make you look less attractive to men because who wants to be with someone who doesn't need them and doesn't care what they think?

I agree with Shanda that a lot of this attitude started because of feminism. Women wanted their opinions to be heard too, not just men's, and that is a good thing. But instead of just insisting on being heard it has gone to the extreme with some women only caring about what they want and totally disregarding what men want. What happened to treating everyone as equals? That's fine if you don't want to interact with men at all, but how do you expect to get along with someone if you reject everything they say? I know that some of this is a reaction to men only valuing women for their beauty, insisting they don't work, and being overly controlling but it has gone too far with some women. I think it's fine to reject men's ideas if they are too unrealistic, harmful, detrimental to one's health or self-esteem, but not everything is unreasonable. If a man says he loves women in dresses and high heels I won't be outraged because those things do look great on many women (but I won't be wearing heels if he expects me to be walking a lot because that would be painful and unreasonable).

There needs to be more balance. This also extends to the whole "me me me" selfish attitude some people have where it's all about them, they don't care if their actions hurt anyone else, and only they know what's right and wrong (or don't care as long as it benefits them). There is such a thing as being too liberal and the "anything goes" attitude can get people into trouble and actually hurt others.


  1. I love your blog and have spread it around Facebook!! At least 4 times, well done, congratulations and welcome, you're much needed!

  2. Hi Dee Dee :)

    Thank you so much for your kind words! What a nice comment to wake up to. Thanks for your visit and I hope to see you again soon :)