Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My Fears for Black Women Under Trump

I have a lot a fears running through my head and maybe you do too. This post is just me getting those worries out. I know that I do not live in the US but I am concerned for Black women everywhere. I can't just cut off my concern because of geographical borders. Furthermore, the US has so much exposure and influence in the world that I will easily hear about anything affecting Black Americans, and I believe this influence has an effect on Black and non-Black people around the world.

I am a big science fiction fan and I always imagined the future being a place where people didn't care much about race because of increased integration, working, friend, and romantic relationships. Different cultures will not seem so "strange" and we will be able to understand and get along better. I was expecting and looking forward to this. Now for the first time I'm worried that things will not progress in this way but instead we will go backwards! I just didn't imagine that White people would fight so much against this and many of us were shocked by Brexit and this election. Below I will explain some of my worst fears. These things may not happen, but I want to write them down so at least we can be prepared rather than just being scared. Sometimes a bad situation is just a bad situation and there is nothing you can do. I will make some suggestions, they might not work 100%, but they could be better than nothing. The solutions may be extreme but it seems like these are extreme times.

  1. Racism and hate crimes will increase with few repercussions: Racists have been emboldened by the US election and are being openly violent and racist. Hate groups are recruiting and even planning parades. White people seem to be fed up with being respectful and want the right to be racist. When they are called racist they are claiming that is discrimination against them! The new Attorney General has a racist history and is opposed to civil rights organizations. Because of this the legal system will probably go easy on perpetrators of hate crimes. We already know that the police are biased against Black folks so there will be little support from them. Also if you are discriminated against at work there will be little support for you. 
  2. Racism and racists will be normalized: There are even academics and highly influential people arguing for open dialogue about racist statements and that shutting these discussions down is being closed minded! I predict that there will be more and more claims of reverse racism, normalizing of racist views, and pressure on Black folks to "listen" and try to "understand" people who think they are less than human (e.g., A&E even tried to air a KKK reality show that was cancelled!). Many White people believe in White supremacy and will do anything to disavow any responsibility, past or present, for harming people of colour (POC). They will insist on their superiority but then play the victim when their racism is pointed out. Talk about microagressions will be dismissed and only the most overt acts of racism will be validated. Members of Black Lives Matter (BLM) will no longer be tolerated and protests will be quashed. BLM may be labeled a hate group and their mostly female members will suffer. BW will be seen as mean and unfeminine if they stand up to racist WW.  
  3. Affirmative action will be eliminated: White people hate affirmative action because they believe it gives opportunities to less qualified POC. They can not fathom that the POC is just as qualified or that there are ALWAYS more spaces for White people than for POC. White women are also the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action so they are hurting themselves by opposing it (but as this election shows, they are willing to harm their own interests to support racism). Without affirmative action there will be fewer opportunities for Black people. If affirmative action is removed from higher education there will actually be an increase in Asian and international students because they have the highest grades and international students pay more. So White people will actually have fewer spots in schools unless the schools decide to be racist against Asian and international students. 
  4. Diversity initiatives will be quashed: Many Black folks ask for inclusion in the media and in consumer products. These requests could be ignored even more. With affirmative action out, there will be less pressure to include Black faces in anything. We will have less representation. Accusations about lack of diversity will be ignored. Also, because the conservative government hates social programs, many government funded programs for Black people will be cut and that support will be gone. 
  5. Sex education will be abstinence only: Conservative sex education will become the norm again and studies have shown that this actually leads to more teen pregnancies. The conservative government will also try to restrict abortion so there will be many more unwanted pregnancies resulting in more babies being placed in the foster care or adoption system. The government may also cut funding to these social programs when they will be needed more than ever. Single motherhood can often lead to poverty so there will be more poor families and mothers dropping out of school with less government support.
  6. The prison industrial complex will grow: The police will be emboldened to arrest and harass more Black people because Trump supports that. That means more unarmed shootings, more arrests, and more prison time especially for Black men. All of the progress BLM has made may be undone, especially if police reforms required government funding. Private prison funding will be reinstated and they will be profitable again. More BM with criminal records will mean fewer job opportunities, resorting to crime, poverty, or living off women. This will also mean fewer suitable BM for marriage. These men will also be unable to provide for their children. Black women are more likely to be murdered than any other women (Article 1, Article 2). Men commit the most murders, women are most likely murdered by men they know, and BW know more BM. So the conclusion has been drawn that BM kill more of their women than non-Black men (this has been known for years). Poverty, a criminal background, bad role models, anger and frustration, and powerless can make men prone to this violence and BW are they most likely victims. Black women are also treated worse by the police and police are the only thing protecting BW from these violent men and dangerous neighborhoods.
  7. Black women will have fewer dating options: Due to the previous point, more BM will have criminal records and be unsuitable partners. Also if more White men are converted into misogynist racists then many of them will not be options either. That leaves BW with even fewer potential mates. This may mean that BW have to open up their dating options even more. Lack of diversity initiatives and affirmative action will also impact dating. There will be fewer positive BW role models (e.g., Michelle Obama) to combat stereotypes or emulate in the media. White people may have even less exposure to Black people and this will not reduce fears. I don't know if increased racism will make BM appreciate BW more and actually stop chasing non-Black women. They may choose to continue what SOME do by having multiple women and children but never settling down. There will be even more pressure on BW to have sex in order to keep a man, more unwanted pregnancies, and more single mothers. 
  8. The Black mortality rate will increase: If social programs and Obamacare are eliminated then more Black people will die. Black people have worse health indicators than other groups and get worse care. If social programs and Obamacare are reduced then we will die more from diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and even infant mortality will increase. 

My Advice
: Keep your head down, avoid groups of White males, carry pepper spray, and be wary of White co-workers. You have to be on your best behaviour right now and I know that may not help 100% of the time, but I think this works most of the time. Don't make racial waves right now or they will be quick to ruin your life. Scapegoating will run rampant so protect yourself, document offenses and your contributions, keep your resume updated, and network for opportunities. Do your best work and decent people will recognize that above race. You can no longer assume that people you come across are not racist or that they agree with you about what's right or wrong. Many White people see themselves as victims because their "superiority" is not being rewarded and they think they "deserve" more than you do. Focus on fostering your self-care, physical, and mental health.

Try to create allies if you can because being the lone BW against the White majority will have you at a disadvantage. Vet White allies very well because they can back-stab easily. Convincing people not to be racist can make you appear as the villain if you cause White girl tears. Plus somehow calling people racists may make them more racist! (Article 2). Let other people be the warriors right now. Let the White feminists fight for women's rights (they dropped the ball for Hillary so they need to make up for it) and let Black men fight for racism. Protect yourself because no one else will do it. You need to be sympathetic to people and appear like a victim if you are victimized so people will feel compelled to help you. You be the one who cries and looks vulnerable so people will see your humanity. The strong warrior BLM stance will not work anymore. I don't know if anything will work other than duck and cover right now. Remember you will no longer have a president you supports you, many of his advisers are White supremacists, and the police support Trump. 

Broaden your dating pool and really put an effort into meeting a partner. You will have to work harder than other women. I know that sounds unfair but if you want what you want, sometimes you have to really work for it. So that means many dates (but hold out on sex until you get a commitment), online dating, singles events, and opening yourself up to interracial relationships. The truth is, Hillary won the popular vote by almost 3 million, so that that means that there are non-Black men who did not chose racism and misogyny. Dating White, Hispanic, or Asian come with the risk of racism, but dating Black is not risk free. A financially secure non-Black man may be the best for you. Just get to know the men to make sure they are not racist or dating you as an experiment. 
that's all I can think of for now.

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  1. I share all of your concerns. However, I am not especially afraid because racism has always been alive and well in the US. Black people were too busy pretending that it did not exist, living vicariously through President Obama.

    Raneisha McBride was murdered in cold blood by a white man a few years ago. Glenda Murray was refused help by a white community from whom she sought help during Hurricane Sandy(2012)in NY City. Eric Garner was choked to death on a street in NYC by white police officers who are still employed. Trayvon Martin was stalked and murdered by a Hispanic man who was later acquitted by a white jury. Sandra Bland was mishandled and arrested for refusing to put out a cigarette. Dylan Roof murdered several black people in a church last year. Obama being President did not stop these and MANY other racial incidence that we have not heard about. The truth is that hate crimes against blacks INCREASED under Obama. We regressed under President Obama, but black people did not want to accept this because they felt it would hurt his presidency. Black people cared too much about the symbolism of having a "black" President. So I think things will get better for us now that whites feel they have the country back.

    I never applied any special significance to Obama's elections. Obama was elected because white people(including many white racists) were afraid of an economic collapse and they were willing to allow a mixed-race man(who was VERY in touch with his white side) to save them. Whites never meant his elections to be a demonstration of less racism. It was about their survival, plain and simple. I think the whites who voted for Obama truly felt he was the better one for the job, the one who could save the economy. And Obama did save the economy, for the most part.

    Stop pretending that Obama is black. He was birthed, raised, loved and nurtured by white (and Asian) people. He never had a strong identity as a black person and he is quite comfortable with white power. Michelle was Obama's first and only black girlfriend. He had absolutely no interest in black women until he was in his thirties and ready to launch a legal career. He then needed a strong BW to make life easy for him. I believe their marriage was an opportunistic one, on his part. He was not a very good husband and father before he became President.

    Before Obama ran for President, he identified himself as mixed, NOT black. Obama is very proud of his white heritage and he has never pretended to be pro-black. Remember the speech he gave in 2008 about not disowning his white side? And Obama did in fact disown his black minister for making comments about white supremacy. Obama has done quite well as a mixed-race man and he has no idea what it is like to be a black person in America. Mixed race people are higher on the social hierarchy than mono-racial blacks. That is why the first "black" is always a light skin or mixed race person.

    Michelle Obama actually experienced much more racial hostility than Obama because she is not mixed. Whenever white people were angry at Obama, they attacked Michelle instead of him because she is more black. As much as many white people wanted to hate Obama, they had to accept that he came from a white woman's body, just like them.Obama's presidency did nothing to benefit black people or BW. He chose an Hispanic women to become the first non-white female justice of the Supreme court. The unemployment and incarceration rates for blacks(including BW) are still climbing even after eight years of Obama. Black people won't be any worse off under Trump because there were no improvements for blacks under Obama.

  2. Very good points in this piece but I also agree with anonymous (not so much with the point about Obama). Being here in the US, it's always been racist. Not even under white democrats were we safe. The only thing I do wonder is how black women can thrive under Trump. Given the profile of black women that campaigned for him (one benefitting from that---dark skinned Omarosa), there just might be an open door for us. I won't say much about Diamond and Silk but because they represent a stereotype. But With Trump, images of black women have been a bit balanced. I do not support him but this is something to think about.

  3. Wow, Elegance said everything that I wanted to say but I believe that things will get worse under Trump not only for Black women but for everyone who isn't a wealthy White man. The people that Donald Trump appointed are crony, billionaire capitalists that make up the wealthiest cabinet in history.

    His cronies plan on privatizing Medicare, cut funds to Social Security, privatizing education and get rid of the department of education, get rid of labor unions, put a 35% to 40% tariff on imported goods from China, cut funding to Planned Parenthood and so on. I believe that the Republicans in the House and Senate will try their best to roll back progress made in Civil Rights and LGBT legislation. And he will make sure to profile Muslim immigrants and keep immigrants from non White countries out of this country too. I am concerned about immigration because most of my family are immigrants.

    However, I do believe that Black women can survive if they do their best to stragetically better their position in society. Go to college or learn a trade that will give you the skills to compete in the global market place. Learn how to network and keep in contact with social networking sites that helps them network to find jobs and organizations that can help benefit them. Don't be too quick to trust co workers especially White co workers and Black male co workers at work. Make sure to get a passport and travel to different countries. And I also suggest expanding dating options to include non Black men in your dating pool but I really believe that an well off non Black man is the way to go. Groan at me if you want but it is the truth. An upwardly mobile Black woman would be much better off with a upwardly mobile White or Hispanic man than a Black man, that isn't on her level. Though I am not happy about Donald Trump's election, I do believe that there are ways that Black women can thrive.

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  5. I am not a fan of Obama, but I don't agree with everything that was said about him. he can call himself biracial or black, let's face it he never said that he was white. People like Sandy Bland did not deserve to die, but what I saw from that vide, she handled the situation wrong, (put your cigarette out fool, remain calm get your ticket from the police) go fight it after. (Black people tend to get riled, no fault of our own, but whites know that and egg us on so we react like Sandy Bland)
    Life is not fair which is why we have to change our way of thinking and acting. We know that many whites are racist, we have to learn how to interact with them. I know it is not fair that we have to change and not them, but life is not fair. What we black people have to realize is that there is not much worth dying for, to Sandy Bland her pride was bruised and she wanted to prove that she was right and she probably was right, but was it worth it to die for? So many black people especially BW have advanced university degrees, but lack common sense. I have began to wonder for the past few months about what is the use of getting these advanced degrees, but so many of us can't think strategically. All these white university degrees, but we have never used it improve our bottom line, we use it to work for whites and Asians. ( We've become academically educated slaves, and many of us lack common sense in navigating in our every day lives).

    I think that this may be the time for wise BW to take care of themselves. I would not rely on a man (no I do not have SBW syndrome) but men of all races, tend to get tired of their wives and if they can they will throw them out and get a younger fresher model. Martha Stewart is a true whitebread , but she became successful when her husband dumped her and she was left alone.

    What I am trying to say is BW there is nothing wrong in keeping your panties on and work on yourself and implement common sense in your life,. You ain't missing anything out there by not swirling or any other trend. Now is the time for us to think of self preservation and ourselves. it does not matter who gets into the presidents chair in our lifetime, they have never been for us and will never be for us. Let us as BW mind our own business for once..


  6. Donald Trump is going to turn the clock back for blacks in the United States. Mexicans will not be deported and he will not build a wall. Muslims will keep a low profile and continue with their progress in this country. Corruption will increase and wealth will increase among a small sector of whites. Most of the antagonism from whites, like during the 1950's, will be toward blacks. Many whites feel that blacks are doing well and leaving them behind. Here in the States, patriotism and nationalism include contempt for all that is black and we are going to see a resurgence of pro white traditions and history, with an emphasis on white civilization and a fascination once again with white women's beauty, pushed by white men . Black people and this includes black women are going to be harrassed, mocked and ridiculed. White people are back in style. Now, regarding, black women, I don't think, educated, affluent, upward mobile and attractive black women can be kept down. There is still hope for many of us, if we mind our own business, act astutely and lookout for number one (ourselves).

  7. Ladies I think that we as BW should not also attempt tofollow the lifestyles of celebarity BW, because they tend to engage in a lot of nonsense that would be of no benefit to non-celebrity BW, and let us be honest most of them don't give a shit about the rest of us, they live a different reality than the rest of us. I personally am for BW who know the score and are into their own self improvement, (Also I am not into ghetto women either, far too many of them are into nonsense also, and live a different reality than the rest of us).

    Thank you Kim for reminding us BW about the white agenda, because we let our guard down for too many years.


  8. Chin up -- there's little evidence to suggest that Trump was elected on a widespread upswell of racism. There's actually a better argument that people disliked Clinton more than they liked Trump. While Trump does irresponsibly enable racist groups the vast majority of his supporters do not consider themselves racist.

    That's not to say they're not afraid of black people -- just about the only cure for that is to know more black people, and for that to happen we unfortunately need to put more decades between the present and the US Gov's sordid legacy of FHA redlining (lack of real estate appreciation is one of the single largest factors in abject poverty among the black urban population).

    In general the less fearful rhetoric and the more interracial discussion the better. People can't feel empathy when they're scared and they feel attacked.