Monday, April 30, 2012

Men Find Women Attractive so Let's Get Over it

I just watched an interesting video (below). I have posted one of this blogger's her videos before. I don't agree with everything she says and it's conflicting for me that she seems to be loved by the Men's Rights Movement who I mentioned before looks very scary to me. But when calm, and respectful people voice the arguments of this group I can see some of their points. But those points never really come across from their websites or videos because they filled by so much woman hating at the same time. Some of their issues fall flat because of the statements of their individual members who may actually be dangerous, misogynist men. So that was my disclaimer and also watch out because there is foul language in this video.


I think the point is (that I agree with) that men naturally are drawn to physically attractive women and want to have physical relations with them. In the past there were few negative consequences for the men when they did that. I also believe that women try to look attractive to get the attention of men even though they deny it and sometimes get upset when men are attracted to them. Sometimes they just get upset because attract men they don't want or they attract men who don't want them for relationships.

I wish women would stop saying that the only reason to look good is "for yourself" and not for anyone else because it makes women who want to attract men sound inferior, stupid, or less enlightened or something! They make it seem like a woman is wrong for trying to attract a partner or for wanting one at all! I personally find balance because I dress in a way that both men and I find attractive and that I do not find degrading or too uncomfortable. In the past women and men would readily admit that they wanted a partner and they wanted to get married but now people will actually call that stupid, desperate, old fashioned, or a sign of low self-esteem!!! I want a husband and a family and I am not ashamed to say that!

Women are drawn more to men who can be providers and in the past (and present) there are few negative consequences for that. Women also like attractive men and we should stop acting like we don't objectify them to for physical or utility/provider reasons. I readily admit to this and I think it's natural and serves my purposes and the purposes of many others who are willing to admit the same. Women have their standards for a partner and so do women and men's reasons are no less valid than women's. I'm willing to work to meet a man's standards only if he is willing to work to meet mine...that to me is equality!


  1. Interesting post! I believe that keeping up with your appearance for sexual attraction is more important after marriage than it is before marriage.

    Getting a man is much easier than keeping him for 50+ years!

    I always try to tell my readers to keep on working out, keep on dressing nicely and putting on makeup, keep on putting in an effort for him before your marriage will thank you for it. Besides, wouldn't WE want to see our husbands continuing to look good for us (medical reasons aside)? If we don't make the effort to look good for HIM why should he try to look good for us?

    Of course there are some times when you just can't look as good as you could before... such as when you're pregnant (you can achieve a cute soon-to-be Mommy look but that's different), the month after you give birth, when you're incredibly ill... but those times aside, I think that putting effort into your appearance for your man will inspire him to do the same and then the quality of the sexual aspect of your marriage will not decline.

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  3. I agree, there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look attractive for a man or in desiring marriage and a family. I will readily admit that I put effort in maintaining my appearance and my weight because I want my husband to find me just as attractive now (after 11 years of marriage and 3 kids) as he did when we first met in college!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  4. I think women say that because women pay more retest tension their clothes and are more detail-oriented. Women enjoy pretty things and things that smell good (that's why men get us flowers). I like clothes that I like first of all and make me feel good, because if I don't then other people will know. It can also be clothes that men find attractive, like I have a lot of dresses (I just love dresses), I have one pair of skirts from the Roots. But I'm kind of tomboyish, though I have a lot of dresses I can't wear them everyday and they're more elegant. Actually I'm in between I have sesame street shirts, and smirfs (I'm 15), the smirfs is well fitted which I like. Even though guys sometimes call me gentle (what does that mean?) I'm calm, soft, and all those things naturally. But didn't want to be like that with my clothes and seem like a ditz. I'm intelligent and guys seem to be surprised when they see my written work and I talk in class, they all admire now I'm wearing romps and stuff from Aerie (they have normal clothes too)...I'm trying to let it come out in dressing...

  5. Hi CloudSurfer'97 and welcome to the blog :)

    Thanks for your comment. Yes I've heard many men say they are very attracted to women in women's clothing that is very different from their own. They actually like that difference. I hope that your wardrobe choices only bring you good things that you want and not negative attention or negative comments. Thanks for your visit :)

  6. Women always worried about how to attracts a man that she like and worried about the rejection when she want to approach that 'perfect man'.

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  7. One thing: Women often overlook how attractive and appealing they are to us after children, a long day of work and after years have told their stories upon their bodies. Older women with the variety of body changes who exude certain intangible powers and scents hold so many men and husbands captive. Many women are fond of discounting the affect of care, and reciprocation in a relationship's ability to arouse their husbands sexually.

    A lot of women don't want to hear those words. It is annoying at best for us husbands to hear our wives listening to and answering the voices in their heads when we hit on them in public wearing some tacky outfit, or we get turned on when they come out of the shower after 15+ years of marriage looking good and sexy to us in the morning!" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories