Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The EBW Look

I LOVE this photo! This is the image I have in my my mind when I imagine EBWs. There is nothing unfeminine about Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan, and Ciara in this photo. It doesn't matter what Ciara has done in music videos or what she has worn in the past because we can all improve ourselves and change if we want to. They all look happy and like nice women instead of looking hard, angry, mean, overly sexy and unfeminine. It would be great if they all had natural hair too but that's too much to ask for in Hollywood right now. They all look very healthy like they eat sensibly and exercise. Why are some people so opposed to this look and demeanor?

I'm sure there are some people who would look at this and say they are "acting White" yet they would never say that about any other non-Black women dressed and looking the exact same way! Why are people trying to create and maintain a Black beauty and behaviour standard that is so different from this? Are those people really helpful and keeping your best interests in mind or are they harmful to you as a Black woman? Anyone who says that these women are not beautiful and less than other women is a liar, blind, or just being racist because any honest and non-disturbed person can see that they are the opposite of unattractive. There is no need to hate your skin or your hair ladies because Black can be and often is beautiful!

Look at this sad sight...
Notice how it says "Meet your new role models"! This is what a Black publication offers to us as role models!? Catty, materialistic, opportunist, goldigging, scandalous, fake, tattooed, no self-respect, exposing way too much skin, overly sexy, attention seeking, probably uneducated, reality television stars! I do not watch these shows and these are not my role models! In fact, celebrities are only ever my role models physically (to an extent) because they do not lead the type of life I want. But because these women display their so-called "real lives", based on what I have heard, they are definitely not my lifestyle or behaviour role models. This is what Black women have to deal with so no wonder people think we are all like this...sad.

I was SHOCKED to see that someone at Clutch seems to agree with me in these articles: Ladies First and If these are our new role models then we are in serious trouble.


  1. Black is always beautiful! Elegant, you are soooo my "blog-speration". Why can't I produce awesome content as elegant and as consistently as you? I just loves your blog. And great post BTW. :-)

  2. What an elegant looking group of ladies. I love that photo.

    I think everyone on clutch agrees with you. Vibe should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Aww thanks Awake.Alive.Aware, good to see you again. Oh I've been blogging for years and I think so much it's easy now. Give it time and let your mind loose on the keyboard and you will be pleasantly surprised!

    Hi Chic Noir good to see you again :) Yes, the label "Your new role models" was just terrible considering how the women act. If there was a question mark it would make sense but I think they are seriously holding reality TV stars up as role models!

  4. The Vibe cover is being sarcastic. They aren't really calling them role models. Why would they? Everyone knows reality stars aren't role models.

  5. I guess looking like a hooker is the in thing now, smh.