Friday, May 3, 2013

Explanation for My Responses

I tend to take a while to respond to comments on this blog. I read them all (except the troll comments that I delete immediately). But most of the time I either go off and think about my response and then forget about it because I'm on to something else. Sometimes my response is very brief and to the point because I now have a very low tolerance for complaints about what I post on my blog. I want to empower Black women to stop complaining about things and instead seek out better things or make better things for themselves instead of demanding (or worse begging) for someone else to do the work for them.

I started this site as a personal blog to document my journey to become more feminine and refined. I share it with everyone to help other women who want to do the same thing. I don't mind if people just read and don't comment. I would like to see all Black women doing better and for us to all be perceived better by others so I do want to help. But this blog doesn't generate any income for me, it is a hobby that takes up time I could and should be spending doing other things. It's free entertainment or instruction for anyone who wants it. So, when anyone comes to this blog and asks/demands/expects me to do something to please them it really is not appreciated.

Blogs are free and the internet is full of information that you can use to write a better blog than mine. There are also some other blogs that I have linked to my side bar that may have writing that you prefer. Understand that I have NO PROBLEM with every single reader of this blog starting their own blogs that write about femininity. I am not in competition with you and if you write well and post regularly (for a period of time) I will gladly read and promote your blog here so that more BW can learn how to be more feminine and elegant. Then there would be more information available, it won't seem like a weird thing anymore, and BW being feminine will become normalized. You see, I feel this way because changing the norm was the reason why this blog is public in the first place. It was meant to change the way BW think and act so that we not only become better accepted in society, but so that we are able to get the things we want/need to make our lives happier (e.g., respect, love, admiration, inclusion etc.).

If a BW blogs femininity better than me then that would be AWESOME and I would be behind that (however, when people start  selling this info for profit I feel a bit iffy about that since I think it needs to be given for free and accessible to as many BW as possible). So, if you can come up with a better list of EBW role models, please make your own list. You can even post it in the comment section below. Better yet, start your own blog, post your list, and write about your journey to become more feminine and share that information with the rest of us. I am no expert and I am not perfect so there may be some things I can learn from you. Please take charge, empower yourself to become the incredible, feminine woman you were always meant to be. It would be great if someone fresh started blogging about femininity because I think my blogging creativity is on it's last legs and I won't be doing this forever.


  1. Your blog is unique and valuable. You do a lot of thought-provoking posts that are timely and oh so needed. I'm sorry if you feel ready to bow out because of negative responses. I just noticed that Black and Femme is also bowing out - and I think it's sad.

    I'm mostly a lurker here, but if you feel like you need someone to help shoulder the burden with extra writing, editing, moderating, just let me know.

    1. Hi bkbutterfly :)

      Well the reason why I think I'm near retirement is because I'm running out of things to write about and feel that I'm saying the same things in my posts. I'm finding that I'm getting interested in other things and that I've learned so much and changed so much I just want to do things instead of write about them.

      I just wish other people would start similar blogs and Black women would embrace femininity and all the benefits it has to offer.