Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walking the Walk of an EBW

I haven't posted in a while because my life has taken a pleasant turn. I recently moved back home to the city I love! I have taken the things that I have learned since starting this blog and I'm using them as much as possible.

So far things are going well. I'm dating and so far I have been treated like a true EBW (better than any of my previous dates)! I'm getting along well with my parents for once too. I just feel so happy that I'm back home and I'm getting in touch with my old friends. No arguing, pouting, or being negative. I'm just focusing on how great my present is and how much better it will become. I've also given up watching videos by Black men on Youtube because they made me too argumentative and angry and I have always dated interacially anyways so there is not point. I'm happy with who I like and I don't have to justify it to anyone.

Thanks to the good weather I can wear my feminine clothes, dresses, and skirts all the time instead of bulky winter clothes. I'm going to new places and I'm really open to new experiences. I even started wearing a bright red nail polish (at first I thought it was too much but I love it now...very hot and works well with my skin tone...some reds just don't). I'm getting compliments on my hair too. I'm also remembering to do my posture exercises and to have a pleasant expression on my face :)

So I'll try to think up a new blog post. But in the meantime, if you want to see a film with an elegant looking woman, check out The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. She was always dressed like a lady and men (and even women) couldn't stop starring at her! Also, one of my favorite EBW's, Zoe Saldana is coming out with a new film called Columbiana that looks amazing so I can't wait to see that...perhaps on a date :)


  1. I learned how to sew earlier this year and it has been a blessing.
    I am now making my own dresses and accessories.
    i started an online store as well where people can ask me to make them a customize dress.

  2. You could do a post on books about femininity.

    Congratulations Miss Chizzy D on the store!

  3. Chizzy D that sounds like a great hobby and it's just a bonus that you can get paid for it :) Thanks for the idea OneGirlsDream...I should get a library card and start reading. I also have to do movie reviews on the subject. Thanks for visiting :)

  4. I don't know if you ever read new comments on older post but i would love to add you on facebook. I've subscribed to your youtube channel and i'm following your blog, but i would so love to talk to you and maybe get to know you as friends. I'm also following your blog by email, so it would be nice if you can email me :)


  5. Hi Maria,

    I really appreciate your visit and your amazing comments. I'm glad that there are some women out there who don't think I'm crazy for wanting to develop my femininity. But unfortunately there are some people who totally disagree with me and hate what I am doing and writing. Because of this and my career I have to stay anonymous. I wouldn't want someone to find out my identity and make it known what I am doing online because employers do search for names online. Because of this I can't let anyone know my real name or friend me on Facebook. I'm sorry about that but I hope you can understand? But you can send me messages on YouTube though anytime. I found a free video editor so I'll be making more videos :)



  6. Ok great and yes i understand you need for anonymity. Will look out for more videos from you :)


  7. P.S. You are not crazy you are one of the few black women that actually gets it, besides, i'd much rather be called crazy than being called an angry black woman lol


    1. i wholeheartedly agree. homemaker here. stay at home mom here. also a college graduate with a 3.8 gpa ...from a prestigious university. to say my parents, friends, parent's friends, and the entire black "community" (lol) were disappointed is an understatement. i try my hand at sewing, i crochet, knit, bake, cook healthy meals, make my baby's food from scratch, love to clean and organize (decorating is not my forte, but i try. need to study up on this), wear dresses and skirts only...and the family whisper "is she retarded? is something wrong with her? she's lazy. want to lay up on that man. why not help that man out?" on and on and on. but i am not here to live their lives. and no one told them to live vicariously through me. i am even considering "renouncing my black card." seriously. i am so fed up. but, like anon said, i'd rather be called crazy than angry/stereotypical/ghettofab/powerful/strong black woman. i realized this at a VERY early age. btw, this is sarah,lovely wife of...but for some reason, i cannot log in.