Thursday, November 22, 2012

Classy Black Women Who are Too Good For You

I searched through my Tumblr images to bring you my collection of the classiest, most sophisticated, well put together, and intimidating Black women ever! These women have "IT". Any man would want them but only those with confidence, prestige, and a lot going for them will be willing to approach these ladies. This is the look that you want. You do not want to be the type of women who men (and women) are reluctant to approach because you look mean, angry, and likely to snap at them. Men don't want those women and these 'mean mugging' women are deluding themselves if they think differently. Instead it is better to be the type of woman who most men want, but only the best have what it takes to approach. The ones who see you are too good for them will leave you alone.

Some of these images may be modeling photos so the clothing may be expensive. Ignore the actual clothing and designers and instead focus on the style. Ignore the fact that some of these women are models and thinner than you are. Also ignore the fact that most of the women have straightened hair because natural hair will work just as well. Pay the most attention to the posture of the women, how they are presenting themselves, and the look of confidence they exude. This is what sets these women apart from others. These are EBWs at their finest and most polished. This is one of my most important posts because I could not have done this early on my journey. I had to learn what dressing classy and in classic styles meant. I had to look at images and read about it before being able to pick out the look. I didn't even think I would look good in pearls or small earrings until I tried them! This post also proves that Black women can look beautiful in these fashions, they can be classy and sophisticated if they want to, and there are role models who demonstrate how to do it.

Pay attention to the images of non-celebrities because their fashions will probably be more affordable and more like something you could imagine wearing. You will see numerous examples of women with that elusive 'neutral yet not frowning" look, timeless and minimal jewelry, classic and simple yet attractive fashions, and gorgeous EBWs.  It is of course fine to be pretty, cute, the girl next door, down to earth, and approachable, but this post is about looking out of most men's league, confident, and like top shelf material! I hope you enjoy it :)
1) Simple, minimal jewelry, confidence.

2) Do you see that look in her eyes...that's the confidence I'm
talking about. She's gorgeous and desirable and she knows it.
Minimal jewelry and natural make-up (except for the red but it
looks good). You see the woman and you are not distracted
by her clothing, make-up or jewelry.

3) Perfect example of simple and classic jewelry.
Pearls and beads, monochromatic or one colour
are best, along with metallics. Her make-up is
natural. Well groomed and polished or natural
nails are a must.

4) EBW Angelique Noire looks so classy. Pearls, simple but
flattering dress, and a nice handbag. Plus excellent posture!

5) A lady knows how to enter and exit a car gracefully.
Practice this one. Updo's and hair swept off the face
are easy ways to look polished. A nice hangbag is
great but don't go overboard with too many or the
expensive's just a bag. Chanel Iman looks
fabulous! Lace is feminine and classy.

6) Anais Mali: This outfit is just lovely,
not too distracting, but still interesting.
 It fits perfectly and her feminine waist
 is accentuated. Monochromatic looks are

8) #1 Supermodel Joan Smalls looks amazing here.
Her dress, jewelry, make-up, and hair are simple.
She has the neutral, barely there smile. 

7) I LOVE this photo! EBWs Diana
and Tracee Ellis Ross are out of
everyone's league so don't even try!
The hair, the beauty, the flawless skin,
amazing and un-aging bodies...I can't
say enough about how flawless they

10) Model Lana Ogilvie is wearing a hat that adds
sophistication and style to anyone who wears it.
This look gets attention so make sure the rest
of your outfit doesn't detract from your look.
Certain hats can really make you look classy.

9) EBW Megalyn Echikunwoke in a simple
but classy outfit. Monochromatic with
minimal jewelry. Cute little peplum, I think
peplums are adorable and classy too.

12) EBW Sade in a simple black dress with
white beads. Looking classy and
sophisticated is just that simple! Being
trendy and eye-catching is much more
difficult and often fails.

11) A little feathered flare added to a
little black dress. This gets just enough

14) Meghan Markle looks so pretty with a soft and natural
looking updo (no shellacked hair), simple make-up, and
a beaded dress with small earrings.

13) EBW Saana Lathan!!! Is this not
intimidating? She is just so gorgeous
and well put together here. Simple dress
with an interesting collar piece and neutral
shoes. I want to have this effect on people.

15) I really like this outfit Joan Smalls is
wearing. Monochromatic again with
some feminine lace. Pencil skirt. 

16) EBW Thandie Newton looks upscale in
this pearly dress and accentuated cardigan.
I think that cardigans are a conservative
garment, they are functional, and can
have great accents. Only classy women
can get away from wearing them over
the shoulders like this. Notice the
monochrome again and small pearl
earrings. Simple ponytail.

17) EBW Kerry Washington is sitting pretty
in a white dress with black trim. Great
posture and minimal jewelry. 

18) I don't know who this is but I like her
style. This is pure sophistication (I sound
like Stacey London lol!). I need some
blazers like this and to wear heels more often.
I'll just let my toes go numb...Classic pieces
and a high bun. You know that no Joe
Schmo could get this woman.

19) Classic EBW Dorothy Dandrige sits
so elegantly in her dress suit with double
stranded pearls. I wish gloves would come
back into style because they just complete
the look. Brooches are a nice touch to plain

20) You know classy sophistication when
you see it and this is it! Wear this, get respect,
it's that easy!

21) I think that this is more of a conservative, respectable
look rather than intimidating. It's just very feminine and
pretty so this woman looks like wife material.

23) Simple and pretty with an adorable bow belt.
I think we are all getting the idea of what classy and
sophisticated looks like. Nothing tacky, showy,
flashy, rainbow coloured, unnatural, shocking,
ripped, torn, wrinkled, masculine, hard, or too
casual and childish. 

22) EBW Gina Torres on the set of Suits. Classy, simple,
and in charge. Wear this to work, get respect, yet still look
like a lady. Powerful women don't have to look like men.

24) EBW Audra McDonald...maybe you just need to lounge
on a chair or sofa to look classy lol! See that look in her eye,
learn it, use it, be desired! Don't flash your skin or be vulgar,
just do the look and things will happen ;)

26) I had to put this in here to show that Black
women look great doing rich people stuff.
Get privilege, use it, and enjoy it without shame!

25) If you've seen EBW Vanessa Williams on
Ugly Betty (or in any other role) you know she
is the QUEEN of high class, powerful, unattainable,
intimidating beauty. She knows how to be too good
for anyone. But she's probably nice, you can be
nice yet classy too :)

28) Model Jessica White is here because of
that look. See it? That's confidence.
Beautiful and I love the frilly shoulders. 

27) This is a young lady from Nigeria if I remember.
Her outfit is simple but classy but it's her sitting
posture that really stands out. She is neat and well
put together. This look is attainable.

30) I think this is a non-celebrity too but
she is dressed in a very respectable manner.
I think trench coats are very classy and I have
several from thrift stores. This is not an
"around the way girl".

29) Singer and natural hair vlogger Alicia James looks so
pretty and classy here. Why mean mug when you can look
nice like this? Pin stripes and flower are about the only patterns
I wear (maybe some polka dots). Stick to these patterns to
stay classy and feminine. Logos are sort of tacky and I don't
like to advertise for free lol! I love her soft make-up here :)

32) This is another non-celebrity lady looking
a lot like a celebrity. Cute but non-revealing
dress with a pretty lace overlay. Clean make-up
with some red lips. I think men who don't have
what it takes would be intimidated and only
the best would approach her.

31) I believe that this is a beauty queen and she looks oh so
classy in this white dress and simple chain necklace. No need
to be flashy. 

33) Another non-celebrity looking
amazing in a lovely navy polka dot dress,
fitted blazer and accentuating red belt and
pumps. This her natural hair puff looks
very sophisticated, elegant, and suitable
for any work or social occasion. I LOVE
this outfit! Sweetheart necklines are so

34) Meek-n-mild fashion and
make-up vlogger. She is also wearing a
white blazer...yay I have one! The red
dress is cute and I like the black
accessories and tights. Great outfit!

35) What a pretty young lady! I like the lacy top and long
skirt with a metallic necklace. Excellent posture and
a beautiful smile too :)


  1. Nother great post, Elegant!! So glad you're doing these they are very helpful.

  2. Love this post. The girl in the red dress and white blazer is a youtube vlogger. Her name is Shirley and she gives great makeup and style tips. Her style is generally more on the trendy side but you can check out her channel here

    She is also a friend of Patricia who runs the youtube channel britpopprincess :)

  3. such Beaufort pictures, just the inspiration I needed today :)

  4. Hello -

    I love your blog... it is nice to see a positive blog
    Do you have a facebook page?


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  6. Thanks so much Dee Dee, Maria, Aura Borealis, and mozgirl1. Oh I don't have a Facebook page related to my blog, this is about all I can handle lol!

  7. jessica white, not karen white in 28 :) and the blogger in 34 is (aptly named, you'd like it) meek-n-mild. anais mali is in 6.

  8. Thanks Socialitedreams,

    I'll change that :)

  9. Love this blog I wish I had a mentors to teach me

  10. I like the you ever post any plus size women. This is my first time here.

  11. Great pics but these types of black women are so rare. As a black male, it is so hard to find a lady like type black woman today in appearance and attitude combined. My one criticism of your pics however, is that your pics do not truly represent the wide variety of hair types that women of color have. Subliminally these pics can cause black ladies whose hair type was not represented in these pics, to assume that only long, straight, curly hair etc depicts elegance.

  12. This was a really great post! I Loved the photos of all of the women. Somewhere around my mid twenties I adopted a love for classy dressing and it remains a staple will be 40 in 2 months! It just makes me feel good! I really love Kerry Washington's photo so fresh vibrant and elegant at the same time! All of them just gorgeous. Love seeing us look like this. I feel like I've taken a class in charm!

  13. This is one of my favorite posts, I am an older teen and I aspire to dress like this after I finish highschool. Very inspiring :)

  14. Omg I'm in love with this site! Whatever we can do to build this up let us know! Simply wonderful!!!

  15. Right on time! Excellent piece! Just the motivation I needed!

  16. Right on time! Excellent piece! Just the motivation I needed!

  17. wo…wooo.. I like it!! Your are so fit.. And sexy, I need a personal trainer like you..

    ALOKA UST-9130

  18. Just found this post. I love each outfit. The ladies are so elegant.


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